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Nurture Yourself – with Tai Chi


The mind is everything … what you think you become … Buddah

Ni Hao – Hello ( Chinese )

Tai Chi is an ancient type of exercise similar to martial arts that has been practiced in China for centuries. The fluid slow movements make it safe and effective. If you simply incorporate this practice into your lifestyle it will be of great benefit to both mental and physical health.

Tai Chi is popular among senior citizens and those suffering from limitations that prevent them from doing other types of exercises. Some people find it to be easier than meditation for quieting their mind.

How does this ancient type of exercise prevent putting any strain on your body?

Tai Chi is a combination of elegant movements that are performed in a slow and flexible manner. They flow into each other. It looks like a well-choreographed slow motion dance. The movements are soft and fluid without jerking the body from one position to another.

A professional can give you lessons and advise on the movements and their pattern. The techniques are free flowing but there are a few guidelines that are important to keep in mind. Always keep your posture straight but your arms loose. It’s important to never apply force in any movement and to stay totally relaxed in order to refrain from putting any strain on the joints.

Many people are acquainted with the hand movements seen when Tai Chi is being performed in parks, at the beach or in gyms. The flowing movements help strengthen muscles. The quiet thoughtful concentration creates a calming effect that helps the body decrease tension, anxiety and stress. It can be performed alone or in a group. Apart from these benefits, Tai Chi works on your psychological level by improving concentration and focus to strengthen your mind.

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Sui – my Tai Chi teacher ….

Each movement or posture carries defensive or offensive applications. In order to understand these applications it’s vital to grasp the awareness of the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin is the soft female principle and Yang is the masculine principle.

Tai Chi movements:
• releases tension and relaxes body
• it tones and strengthens muscles
• it improve respiration
• it helps increase emotional balance
• it improves balance
• it improves circulation
• Harmonize body and mind

What precautions ought to I take before practicing?

Tai chi is mild enough for pretty much everybody. However, it is a sensible plan to talk with your doctor before making an attempt at doing this form of exercise.



I hope you’ll take time to find an exercise that helps you become healthier both mentally and physically while creating a calming lifestyle in the process. Our bodies are our temples gifted to us from a greater creator who has bestowed us with its care.

Zai Jiau – Good-Bye (Chinese )
Namaste …

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This is a professional video for those who wish to know a little more about the technique –
Tai Chi for Beginners, 8 Lessons with Dr Paul Lam – first lesson

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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

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22 thoughts on “Nurture Yourself – with Tai Chi

  1. I have started doing Qi Gong via the “Eight Pieces of Brocade”.


  2. Reminds me that I’ve been wanting to take up Ti Chi…hugs for the nudge.


    • You won’t regret it. XD
      Best part of all you only have to do 5 minutes to enjoy the benefits of its calming effects. If you think 5 minutes isn’t long, set your timer and you’ll be surprised.
      Hope you’ll give it a whirl … much success to you.


  3. Pingback: Nurturing Thurs – Peace | "On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea"

  4. Thank you so much for this, Isadora. I always wanted to do Tai Chi but for some reason never got round to. I think that the ‘Tai Chi for Beginners’ is just perfect! 🙂


  5. I attended T’ai Chi and Chi Gong classes about ten years ago and found it so beneficial but when we came to this island I couldn’t find a class that suited me as well, so I’ve let it drop. (It’s not the, same trying to follow my Master’s book without him there to correct my position!) But the thought has been coming into my mind recently, that it would help my mobility and spirits to search for a new class again. Thanks for the affirmation, Issy! 🙂
    My Nurturing Thursday piece was a day late this week:


    • I agree with you as far as reading the book and follwoing it.
      Seeing the movements come to life before you helps to understand and remember them. Once you have the movements memorized then it can be done in your own choice of environment. It’s the beauty of it. I’ve practiced Tai Chi on the top deck of a cruise ship as the day is breaking at dawn. It’s the most peaceful moment of all. I hope you’ll consider finding a class once again. The tranquil setting among other seekers of inner peace is energizing too.
      Namaste …


      • Wow! The cruise ship session sounds amazing, Issy! I’ve been out of action with whiplash injury but my doctor has recommended Tai Chi to get me mobile (and energised) again. Thank you for reminding me! 🙂


  6. As a young boy, my dad had many health problems. My grandpa sent to school to learn Tai Chi. He has practiced it all his lives. Had it been today, he’d been given lot of pill by doctors…


  7. My partner has been talking about trying tai chi when he has a little more time. It sounds as if it would be absolutely perfect for him.


  8. I had a couple of classes years ago but then they stopped running and I’ve never tried to find another, maybe one day!


    • Oh, Gilly … the beauty of Tai Chi is that you don’t need to take classes. It isn’t anything that needs to be done in a specific way. It’s more about moving the body and focusing on a spot that creates a visually peaceful feeling. No rules … no time limit … no pressure – just a quiet moment in your space to center and calm down your senses. Today, IS the beginning. xoxo
      Namaste …


  9. Oh, I would just love to have a Tai Chi instructor to motivate me Issy. Great shots and post! 😀 *hugs*


    • AAAhhh … Sophia – a quiet morning in a peaceful place is all you need. It’s an alternative for those who cannot relax or sit in meditation. The movements don’t have to be done in any particular way or perfectly. It more about being quiet with yourself. It’s difficult for us to shut the mind. Tai Chi or any movement like this simply allows us to see something in front of you as a tranquil space vacant of noise.
      Look at it as a slow dance without a partner.
      TODAY … is you day to dance. !!!!! xoxo
      Namaste …


      • You are such a kind and sweet soul Issy. I would love to visit you one day for sure. That will also be part of my relaxing moments. 😀

        If that is what it is, then I do it every day when I walk through the garden looking for those ‘small wonders’. I have more fun in my garden and with the monkeys than going somewhere. Here nature dances for me. If I have to do it the neighbours will have to be committed..hahahaha
        *big hugs*


  10. I LOVE Tai Chi — wish there was a teacher close enough to me! Wonderful manner in which to nurture your body, mind and spirit. Thank you for linking, Issy and I appreciate YOU for being YOU!


    • I like Dr. Paul — I have bookmarked for me to go back to watch again. This particular set of movements look very similar to what I had learned many years ago when a local instructor was available. THANK YOU! 😀


      • I’m so pleased you’ve looked at Dr. Paul’s video. He shows very simple ways to learn. There are Tai Chi videos that are free so be sure to check those out.
        The beauty of Tai Chi is that it can be done at home ( if you are healthy for exercise). There are no specifics. I enjoy doing it at home because it is all about being quiet and slowing ourselves down. When I have to drive home after a class I feel it loses some of that. BUT .. whatever works as each of us are motivated differently. I love the gentle flow and the fact that I can take it with me.
        Today … IS the day to begin for tomorrow is very far away.
        Namaste …


    • Your very welcome on the linking back to you. I am still trying to figure out how to do the short version. Mmmm… slow learner. ~~~~ : – )
      Thank you for hosting nurturing thursday .. and for visiting.
      Namaste …


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