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Nurture Yourself – with Blessings


Yellow Orchid.webAngel Wings ©photography by Isadora

It is in loving, not in being loved, the heart is blessed;
It is in giving, not in seeking gifts, we find our quest;
Whatever be your longing or your need, that give;
So shall your soul be fed and you indeed shall love.

This weekend some will be celebrating the Christian celebration of Easter. My effort to write something that represented some type of story based on religion, culture and life was difficult. It was arduous to choose from so many myths and complex dogmas I have in my life. They were taught to me by a schizophrenic depressed mother who was obsessed with religion; a step below fanatical. She practiced a combination of Catholicism, Buddhism, Santeria, Espiritismo, Judaism and fixated Mythologies and Philosophy. I lived in a Hasidic Orthodox Jewish neighborhood which added to my confusion. I went to Catholic school by day and heard my friends talk about the Torah they studied in the afternoon. I grew up thinking everyone was multi-religious. In respect to the first religion I was taught through Baptism, I chose to write a poem from my Catholicism. Peace be with you, Happy Easter … !!!!
2014 written by Isadora

Jesus - traditional

Lord Speak To Me

Lord, speak to me in such a way
That I may surely know
The purpose that You have for me;
The path that I must go.

Then, when the pathway is made clear,
And the journey I begin;
When fear and doubt start creeping in
Please speak to me again.

Remind me of Your presence, Lord,
Each mile along the way.
Let not my steps grow weary
Keep speaking, lest I stray.

The roadblocks will be many,
Dead ends I’m sure to see;
But I’ll reach my destination, Lord,
Because You spoke to me.

One Body One Bread

No matter where we are in life,
There remains a part of us that
Draws support from and nurturing
From someone with more experience …..
Namaste …

Each Thursday Becca hosts Nurturing Thursdays … if any of my readers are interested in joining the nurturing, I applaud and welcome you to do so … the more the merrier!!

Nurturing Blogs:

Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

28 thoughts on “Nurture Yourself – with Blessings

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  2. Beautiful images, Issy, and such an inspirational prayer. xx


  3. colorful and nice details 🙂


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  5. Your multicultural spiritual walk has been enriched, Issy. Your Easter greeting for this season provides us daily blessings … thank you!


  6. Izzy, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your faith journey, even though at times it must have felt like hopscotch in hell… and I’ve been there.

    Belief comes in many forms, as you witnessed through your Orthodox Jewish neighbors. As the Amish say, “There are many ways up the mountain.” I believe that any path that starts and ends with LOVE at its core (including atheism) is a good life. But I’m one of those Christians who go to the United Church of Christ, which welcomes all sorts of people, excluding none: LGBT, including transgender folks; homeless; mental disorders (like me!), addicts…

    As far as your take on Christ goes, it’s lovely, simply a perfect Easter message. I didn’t really take anything particularly Catholic from it, felt it could be any Christian parth.

    Thanks also for your loving support during Riley’s loss of her friend Nina. I know Riley will visit my site and see that everyone has been lifted in prayers, meditations, candles… Amy


    • Ooohhh … touching words you’ve left for me here, Amy.
      Life gives us many bundles to carry. Our mission is to carry them as best we can. Those that fall off are no longer needed. There’s no reason to be saddened by it. We’ve receievd what was needed. I can truly say that none of what I learned from all of these dogmas was lost. They all touched my heart to help me in my journey. I was blessed to have been able to know them all. Some people never get to know any. ❤
      I pray that Riley and her friends family find comfort in some way to carry them through this difficult time. Loss can never be forgotten but their good memories will help soothe their pain. ❤ hugs ❤
      Blessings to All …


  7. Goodness Izzy…so many faiths in one body. Enough to split someone apart.


    • I can truly say that none of what I learned from all of these dogmas was lost. They all touched my heart to help me on my journey. I was blessed to have been able to know them all. Some people never get to know any.
      Thank you for your decication tomy blog, Jo, and for always leaving your wouching comments.
      They always leaves a smile on my face.
      Blessings … ❤


  8. What a beautiful photo of the Angel Wings Issy. I just love the colours! You have such gorgeous orchids! Have a lovely weekend sweetness. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


    • A beautiful compliment from you, Sophia. Thank you very much.
      I changed the white concrete background color to blue to showcase the
      yellow color of the orchid. I was pleased with the way it turned out. Happy you did too !!!!
      She is very delicate in appearance but is very hardy even to the touch. The orchid is in bloom right now and will be that wasy untl mid July. Happy Spring !!!!


      • I just love it hon and you’re very welcome. It is amazing that they are so strong. Just shows you that appearances can be deceiving. 🙂
        Happy Spring to you dear one. This side it’s Happy Autumn. 😆


        • I’m a bit behind in showing my appreciation, Sophia. But, I do love all of your visits and comments. ❤ hugs ❤
          Oh my, It's hard for me to realize the difference in seasons. Happy Autumn !!!! XD


          • Never worry about that Issy. I understand completely and I know you do. Just as I know you do the same with mine. 😀

            LOL! I only know the difference because it’s so cold here lately. hahahahah

            Happy Spring hon! 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


  9. Great post, Isadora … and Happy Easter to you and yours!


  10. hi Issy, happy Easter to you! Some need religion to feel strong, others prefer sports; because you asked for the rooftop climbing woman: I made a slide show of her (and her friend);


    • I can truly say that none of what I learned from all of these dogmas was lost. They all touched my heart to help me on my journey. I was blessed to have been able to know them all. Some people never get to know any. ❤
      Thanks for the slide show. It was most enjoyable. Incredible lack of fear. I like my feet on the ground. XD


  11. Very nice tribute dedicating Easter. Poetry is very deeply touched my soul. So the video. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
    Happy Easter, dear Isadora for you and your entire family.
    Love and blessings,
    Ştefania! 🙂


  12. A Blessed Easter to you too, my dear Isadora! 🙂 xx


  13. That’s beautiful, Isadora. I think it’s easy to forget to nurture our spirits at times.


    • Life and all it’s complications makes it difficult. Juggling everything
      to make time for nurturing is a skill that takes repetition to accomplish.
      Think of it like tennis. No one goes out there and has a perfect game the
      first time. Happy Nurturing …!!! XD


  14. Goodness how confusing Issy, I really like your poem 🙂


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