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Nurturing Yourself – with Impeccable Words




    The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a book I keep on my desk all the time.

It’s a small little book packed with power.

It isn’t a book that has to be read all the way through in order to get the messages he is writing about.

They’re contained in small chapters of words for thoughtful contemplation.

51MfVDOlEkL._SS500_[1] - CopyThese are The Four Agreements

The First Agreements is : Be Impeccable with Your Word
The Second Agreement : Don’t take Anything Personally
The Third Agreement : Don’t make Assumptions
The Fourth Agreement : Always Do your Best

To ‘Be Impeccable with Your Word’ is to avoid gossiping; avoid making empty promises that your intention was to not keep; avoid carelessly and thoughtlessly speaking aggressively to another; avoid turning others against someone because of your own feelings of inadequacy; avoid chastising and belittling another to build your own ego.

There are Four Agreements for living a nurturing life are simplistic in their wording but if we look at how we live our daily lives we must question if, in fact, we can do all of these everyday. It’s isn’t a book about being perfect or about being someone who is without frailty. These agreements are goals to aspire to. It’s about living your life in a way that not is effected by the turmoil of others.

Are you always impeccable with your word???

2014©written by Isadora




Becca whose blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea hosts Nurturing Thursday every week.

All are welcome … come join the fun!!!!

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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

29 thoughts on “Nurturing Yourself – with Impeccable Words

  1. Being impeccable with your words is a lot harder than it sounds (and it sounds hard enough as it is!). Because I’ve been practicing this for a while now, I’ve learned that it’s more than about not swearing or using hurtful language. It’s about using wise speech–knowing when to speak and when to remain silent. That is very difficult. For example, should I tell someone something that I know will hurt them if the only purpose it serves is to make me feel better, even if what I tell them is the truth and not telling them is a lie by omission? Tough call, huh? Is honesty always the best policy? What is your intention for telling someone a truth? A lie? Is there such a thing as a compassionate lie? These are the things an aware and awake person must grapple with…


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  4. Lovely. Personally, its so hard not takes things personally…especially when its about my writing.


    • The first agreement is about being Impeccable with your Words. 😗
      I plan to write about the 2nd agreement which is Not to take anything personally. ☺
      I agree with you … it’s a difficult task to do that; especially, if you are sensitive. As you metioned when it come to writinf I believe we are all sensitive about it. 😂
      Come back fpr the follow-up on these 4 Agreements. 😍


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  8. Lovely! I need to be careful with my words, sometimes I lose my mind…


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  10. Words of Wisdom, the choice and use of words are so important that we only realize when we have unknowingly misused it…we need to be always careful.


  11. This is a wonderful post for Nurturing Thursday — and any other time. If all of us could live with this in mind — even half of the time — what a difference it would make in our lives and others. I had not heard of this author either — thank you for sharing!! Namaste, Issy!! Wishing you a great week-end!!


    • I’m happy I was able to introduce this book to you and others who haven’t read it.
      I grow with every nurturing that is posted. Thank you for keeping the light burning.
      Namaste … 😘


      • You know — although I am thrilled at each weekly participation, I’ve come to realize: even if no one showed up for the party — Nurturing Thursday would continue — I benefit from them so much — personal message and/or reminder!! I ask: “Self, are you listening?” LOL


  12. I’ve never heard of Miguel Ruiz or the Four Agreements, Issy ~ thank you so much for telling us about them, and explaining the first. It has given me much food for thought 🙂


    • I’m so pleased I have been able to introduce this writer to you. If you get the book you will find it a treasure.
      I hope to add the other 3 to future posts. Thanks, Jacqueline, for letting me know that I have opened up a
      new world for you.
      Namaste ❤


  13. I wish I was! We should all be aware of how damaging a throwaway comment or badly chosen word can be.


    • Yes indeed, Gilly. Many of us say something that we later feel regret about. But, if we learn from it and realize how painful a small word can be to someone and, perhaps, go back and apologize or talk about it with them we become a better person in the end. Words are powerful. We should treat them as if they were diamonds.
      Namaste 😘


  14. My kind of book too!!! Beautiful artwork, my dear Isadora!!! 🙂 xx


  15. Oh goodness, Isadora, these are such important words. At least trying to live up to them, is better than not trying at all 🙂


  16. As always, much food for thought, Issy. Lovely post, and wise words. xx


    • It’s a little book I try to give to people who don’t have one because they’re always surprised by its simple philosophy.
      I think it should be required reading in high school due to the increased bullying that goes on there.
      Thanks for stopping by, Sylvia. You must be swamped with so many things to do. 😮
      Be well …. Namaste 😘


      • Simple words, but far-reaching! If our culture put more priority on teaching children the importance of kind words and thoughtfulness at a young age, then by the time they got to high school they’d already know better than to bully. And I’m hopeful that things are changing for the better in that regard. It wasn’t all that long ago when most people thought bullying was normal and everyone just had to get used to it.


        • I am totally in agreement with you. There are so many children suffering from the sting of evil words that are thrown at them. As someone who was mocked as a child and felt isolated from the groups I can identify so well with that. Let’s teach our children that a kind word can mean so much for someone who is pained.
          Thank you Meg for your very insightful comment and for visiting my blog. I apprecaite it very much. I hoep you’ll come back soon. 😘


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