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Nurture Yourself – Don’t Take Anything Personally


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If you missed my previous post on one of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz you can click on Nurturing Yourself – with Impeccable Words and it will take you to it.

The Second Agreement : Don’t take Anything Personally

This agreement concerns itself with the behavior of other people. It opens us up to explore the realization that the way people act towards us isn’t always about the issue that are going on at the time between you and the other person, but more about the way the person is reacting towards you based on his or her own persona. If someone is spoiled, selfish or has feelings of entitlement they will react in a different manner then someone who has a greater attitude of compassion towards others who they interact with.

Many times, it’s difficult to put this agreement into effect. If you’re a sensitive person by nature you believe that everything that’s happening is because the other person doesn’t like you. You begin to feel you’re not good enough or pretty enough or thin enough. You think it must be that my clothes are wrong, my hair isn’t stylish or straight, my skin color is offending. You start to grab all of the negative messages  from your minds treasure chest. Before you know it, you crumble before them and give them your power.

All of the things that are going on between you and the other person could have had nothing to do with you. But, it’s much easier for us to think we’ve created this because of all these issues we think we have.
The fact is that everyone has bags full of issues. How we carry our bags determines our self-assurance in ourselves. With greater confidence, we can stand strong in who we are and diminish the power we’re giving to another. Everyone has opinions along with beliefs or biases. Most are based on how they were instilled in us while growing up. As we mature, we begin to see some flaws in what we were taught. Once we begin to see the value in ourselves, the opinions or the comments of others aren’t emotionally painful anymore nor do they mean anything to us any longer.


Because they are entitle to their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs but they’re not entitled to destroy us.

My mantra is : It’s not about me; it’s about them.

Do you have a mantra you tell yourself while in the midst of an argument or negative discourse?


2014©written by Isadora


These are The Four Agreements 

The First Agreements is : Be Impeccable with Your Word
The Second Agreement : Don’t take Anything Personally
The Third Agreement : Don’t make Assumptions
The Fourth Agreement : Always Do your Best


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18 thoughts on “Nurture Yourself – Don’t Take Anything Personally

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  2. Hi Isadora, I like agreements, I’m trying to pay attention more to my insides and don’t pay attention to much to others opinions. Your mantra is great!


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  5. i love that book and it makes so much sense. I love the saying in the picture – it’s very true.


    • It’s a simple book that packs a big punch of power. I think many people have been hurt and find it hard to open up.
      It’s the reason why I think this book helps us begin to work on this.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving your insightful comment. Namaste …


  6. I’m quite good at batting stuff back to those who own it.


  7. One of the keys to living a more serene life is not not take things personally…it’s also one of the hardest darned things to do (or not do). You know what I mean. Our culture is all about getting us to put ourselves in the middle of everything. Breaking out of that thought pattern takes a great deal of self awareness and practice. I know because I keep trying, failing, noticing, trying, failing, noticing… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I got you, Sista. I know what you mean. Just when I think I can get through life with less thinking I find a pitfall that happened because I wasn’t paying attention. Focus and determiantion to not make the same mistake is up front so the defenses are high. Soon, something starts to make us think and there it is ….. the thing … we feel it but where did it come from and why didn’t we notice so we could protect ourselves. We thought we had it and then itwas gone.
      LIFE … we’re in it BUT not in conrtrol of it !!!! Namaste ….


  8. I don’t have a specific mantra for dealing with arguments, but I do try to remind myself that everyone has different perspectives based on their own experiences. So it’s quite likely that a disagreement is really a misunderstanding, rather than anything personal. Not taking things personally is very good advice!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Meg, and leaving your insightful comment. These 4 aggrements, as simple as they are seem to be quite difficult to execute, I find that paying attention to them ehlp us to, at least, keep one or two into our lives creating a less harmful existense. ~~~ : – )


  9. This has resonated with me. I’m not an “about me” person, (well … at least I don’t see myself as that) … yet my sensitive side wants to be liked and appreciated … then again, my baggage … ouch! … so one of my mantras would be “Some people are just idiots.”

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