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Autumn – A will I must Obey


Autumn Leaves - yellowAutumn – Google Image

                                       Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The trees are changing from their summer clothes and donning a variety of autumn fall colors. Beautiful crimsons, golden yellows, mustards and cadmium, verdant grassy greens fading to blue and purple with each mornings dew; a feast for our eyes to witness before the impending winter snows. It is a memory for me as I don’t experience those changes here in my beloved Florida. Still a walk near the shore at the beach on a balmy windy day with peaceful ocean sounds has replaced those fall days left behind.

Autumn - friday challengeAutumn Leaves – Google Image

“Autumn: a will I must obey”

The green, green grass of Summer
has changed to shades of brown,
And the smiling face of Autumn
Looks like a circus clown.

Crimson leaves and purple sunsets
too soon will fade away,
For nature and the seasons
know a Will they must obey.

Grass isn’t green forever,
and nothing gold can stay,
But Springtime follows winter
When the snows melts away.

Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

19 thoughts on “Autumn – A will I must Obey

  1. A beautiful poem, Issy. I was so happy to see some fall foliage on my visit to NJ last week. I do love the mild Florida weather though. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem. We can’t wait till Summer comes again, Isadora. We love the colours of Autumn, but not the rains and storms, and we skip winter 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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  3. I love to read your poetry, you have such a beautiful way with words.

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  4. This is beautiful!


  5. Of all the images of the seasons, I thing I prefer those of Autumn the most. ❤


  6. I like the poem. 🙂 Some things will just be. And isn’t it nice that the changing of seasons will also be lovely?

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  7. Beautiful Yellow flowers of autumn


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