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Nurture Yourself – by Pondering about your Life


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Sitting alone listening to the silence … I ponder that …. today is a day like any other day.

Each day, we rise and hope to fill our lives with new and exciting discoveries.

Each of us has a different vision for what those discoveries are going to be.

In the end, despite what our own individual discoveries turn out to be, we all have to go into them in pretty much the same way. We have to rise and gather up our energy to go into whatever it is we are going to do. Some of us have an exact plan on how to do that; some of us do not. Those that do not have an exact plan face the greatest difficulty because they have no direction.

How do you find your exact plan??? I can’t say.

Is it something you develop as you’re being raised by your parents?

Are the teachers or religious leaders of your church part of the influence of your direction?

Is it instinctual to know what you want to search for in your adventure to your discovery?

Is it important to have a need for discovery or is it something told to us that we must do?

These are important and very difficult questions to ask ourselves. Some of us can’t answer them and struggle daily to unravel them. Choices will always be there for us to make. The questions and choices we make are crucial to some of these answers. This is the puzzle of our existence.

Just pondering …. while sitting alone listening to the silence.

2015©written by Isadora DeLaVega


  If we can look back on our day, reflect and write in our journal an entry that goes like this:

Today, I give ‘THANKS’ for _____________________

 Today, I succeeded in _______________________________

 we would appreciate how far we’ve gone from that moment when we arose that morning.

Profound choices. Inspiration and motivation to help you make the best choices.


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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

20 thoughts on “Nurture Yourself – by Pondering about your Life

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  2. Such a thoughtful post…and very relevant these days

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  3. Such a profound meditation. Thank you.


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  5. Issy — close to another week of recovery completed for you … and with each passing day/week, I pray you are getting stronger. It is a great time for reflection — and I appreciate the simple journal entries … Wishing you well, sweet spirit! ❤

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    • Your kind words touch my heart, Becca. Yes, it is another week behind me. I’m on to better healthier days ahead.
      Unfortunately, back surgery takes more time. For me, it can be frustrating as I want to get up and go. But, the lesson
      for me to learn right now is patience. I’m realizing that age is sitting on my right shoulder speaking gently to me. I’m learning to listen. 😍
      Namaste 🙏🏻

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  6. Isadora I am happy you are mending I like to take the children on adventures, even if its only a walk on the beach or in the national parks. there is always something to be grateful for. Some days its right at our doorstep and other days we need to set out on an adventure and look for it. Happy healing to you.


  7. I was also brought to a standstill by injury and illness last year, Issy and I took the time to ponder on what I really desired in life. It seems my body needed that break to allow my mind free time and space to focus on myself and heal. For the past four months or so I have been practising a Qi Gong routine, first thing every morning and have become more flexible, my mind is clearer and my chronic pain has significantly reduced. I’m now taking life as it comes in the moment and expressing gratitude every step of the way ~ it was hard to discipline myself at first but the more it works, the easier it becomes! I wish you a full recovery, in your own time and in ways that suit you best. It’s good to hear from you again, when you are able to post and comment. Take care Issy and be well! 🙂 x


  8. Gosh I didn’t know it was back surgery you had Issy, you’re very brave and full of wisdom ❤


  9. I love these moments when there is silence and I get to ponder. It nurtures the soul. Very beautiful Isadora 💕


  10. Some direction is certainly needed, but exact plans tend to get tossed around by life’s waves! My ponderings recently have had more to do with staying flexible, becoming more aware of possibilities, and letting go of the outcome. And yes, I agree that keeping a journal of everyday thankful moments and small successes helps with building a more positive outlook!


  11. Good things to think about, Isadora. I’ve been wrapped up in caring for my husband who is ill, and haven’t paid a lot of visits; glad you’re doing better.

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  12. Hi Isadora, hope you are getting better. love post as usual. have a great night!


  13. very thought provoking,,, and as I enjoy listening to the silence maybe pondering these thoughts might help me…

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  14. I, too, have been pondering silence… and stillness…
    A great nurturing post 🙂

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