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King Pelu – Our Fur-Son


Cat - Pelu - close up.webOn Saturday, April 30, an article in the local newspaper advertised a Pet Fair. We had been talking about getting a new cat. We thought there could be one waiting for us there.

My hubby and I have had cats all of the years we’ve been married. He grew-up with cats.
I grew-up with German Shepard dogs.

When our children started asking about having a pet he suggested we get a cat. It was a big change for me to switch but I rationalized that with 3 children it would be easier to have a cat. And, it was. Then, there were 2 cats and, eventually, 3 cats. We had one for each of our daughters. To my surprise it worked well.

When my youngest daughter went off to college, we inherited her cat Marshmallow.
He was a beautiful white cat that she had saved from an abusive incident. He didn’t have a tail as it had been chopped off or couldn’t hear. Everyone thought he was a Manx. His personality always won everyone over even the non-cat lovers. He died 4 years ago at the age of 28. He lived a long and happy life. We still miss him.

Two years after he died we decided to adopt another kitty. We always adopt from no-kill shelters or animal leagues. Immediately, we were smitten with 2 kittens in the kitty enclosure.
Unfortunately, the shelter preferred they be adopted together since they were sisters. As much as I wanted to limit myself to one cat I couldn’t see leaving her sister behind. We took them both home. They were polydactyl cats which meant they had 5 toes. For that reason, no one seem wanted to adopt them. We did.

They kept each other busy with their antics and preening. They were each others constant companion.

Sadly, they were killed by what we thought was a raccoon but instead turned out to be a Bobcat. They escaped my caged lanai enclosure. If you missed the post click here. It was devastating. We swore that we’d never adopt again.

They kept each other busy with their antics and preening. They were each others constant companion.

Sadly, they were killed by what we thought was a raccoon but instead turned out to be a Bobcat. They escaped my caged lanai enclosure. If you missed the post on their demise click here. It was devastating. We swore that we’d never adopt again.

Here we are 2 years later with a new fur-son named Pelu. He’s 4 months old and a bundle of energy. Since his arrival, he’s made us smile and laugh everyday with his amusing behavior and adventurous discoveries.

If you’re a pet owner you know how life changing they can be. They bring love, affection and a great deal of distraction.

Did you know that pets can have the ability to help with mental and physical health benefits?

Pets can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. They can ease loneliness and help calm you which helps reduce health issues such as high blood pressure and hypertension. Walking a dog can help with weight loss and cardiovascular disease. Children learn responsibility by caring for a pet.

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If you want to bring joy into your life than a pet might be for you. If you are going to get a pet seek one at your local shelter or no-kill leagues. You can save a life.

Cat - Pelu Cartoon.web

Have you hugged your pet today?

Toodles, Isadora 

2016©Isadora DeLaVega


Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

19 thoughts on “King Pelu – Our Fur-Son

  1. Ohhhh, Issy … I cannot believe I missed the King’s arrival … precious boy and great name!! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing many more photos and hearing more stories! 😀

    BTW: the link to Sateen and Babygirl is “not linked” … just so you know! xoxo


  2. Beautiful story Isadora. Pets are so precious – just like family, they are!

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    • I thought I should give a little background about my choice to adopt at this late stage of my life. I’m not as agile as i used to be
      and knew that he will be around for many years more than I. But, my kids and grandkids said they’d step up when the time
      ever comes around. He’s been a joy and hasn’t disappointed. I’m happy you enjoyed the stories.
      Have a wonderfully peaceful week … 😎


  3. We are cat people, but we didn’t replace our last one due to my wife’s allergies. We miss having a cat or two around as they gave us much joy. Cheers to Pelu!

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    • So sorry that allergies have come into your wife’s health issues. Cats can create a problem when you have allergies.
      I was concerned about adopting at this late age but the house seemed to be missing something. I think it was the presence of
      peaceful energy that cats exude. Thanks for the Cheers …!!!!
      Have a wonderful week, aFrank. 😎

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  4. Awww, Pelu is so sweet and so very fortunate to be in such loving hands!
    I know how hard it is making that decision after losing a pet.
    Albeit we didn’t actually swear we wouldn’t get another pet after our girl left us last September, we are having a very hard time imagining another being in here. We still feel she is all over the house! I know however that sooner or later another shelter doggy will find a way to our hearts – again.
    Give Pelu a big kiss from me! 🙂 xxxxx

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    • We still feel the energy of all our cats. They are quiet yet the lack of their energy was felt everyday.
      To be honest, I would have adopted 1 or 2 more but I am not as agile as when I was younger. My heart
      ached to see many more with sad faces looking at me. I can still see them. My only consolation is that
      the shelter told me that their neutering program has helped lower the numbers of cats and dogs in their shelter.
      I hope one day you will feel open to add another precious dog to your life. When you are not looking one may appear.
      Blessings, Marina ….
      Have a peaceful evening … 🙏

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  5. He’s adorable x:-)x

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  7. You’ve made a lot of cats very happy.

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  8. pelu is a unique name.. he is adorable..

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    • Pelu means fluffy or hairy in Spanish. There should be an accent on the ‘u’. I have no idea how to do that. ~~~ : – )
      King has been added becuase he is now the king of our househild and Pelu is a name of a Hawaiian God.
      We think he’s a cutie too. Thanks … 😻

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  9. My first cat had his tail cut off, and unfortunately had to be put out of his misery by a shotgun because he was suffering intensely during his last days. Cats are very mysterious and appealing. I don’t know how you can’t love a cat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cats can be mysterious but they have a way of showing us how to just chill.
      Sorry you cat went through such a trauma. People can be cruel.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I apprecaite it.
      Isadora 😻


      • They definitely understand the vast importance of relaxation and not taking life too seriously. Well, it was needed. We didn’t want to see him suffer like that. He had a hard life. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace and blessings. 🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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