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I’m Addicted


WARNING – An unusual post for me – Joke may be a bit BLUE


Today is Wednesday in these here parts of Florida.  I’m mentioning this for those of you who reside in other places.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I realized that I’m addicted to my tech toys.

My electric was off which meant nothing was working.

Yes, I did pay my bill.

Yes, we’ve had some very, very high winds because of tropical storm Earl. He decided to by-pass my area but the rains

must have flooded power lines.

Candlelight is nice for a romantic evening.

But, no phone, , no cell, no computer, no television – Tuesday night is America’s Got Talent – I need to vote for the best talent.

Begrudgingly, I took out a book to read on my Kindle which has a small light besides the bright screen.

I wasn’t happy.

I wanted to catch-up on some blogs; I wanted to post something. I wanted to check-up on my kids and grandkids on FB.

Then, I realized how awful that was.

At one time, a book or a mind expanding scrabble game would have taken precedence over electronics.

I wanted a pick-me-up. I took a joke book from my office book shelf and with a flashlight started to recite a joke to hubby.

Then, he recited one back to me. Before we knew it, we were laughing hysterically.

Perhaps, the glass of wine – Mmmm .. maybe, two – helped.

For your laughing pleasure … here is one joke that had me laughing hysterically.

Of course, besides the wine, it may be funny because I went to Catholic school.

Enjoy …



Sky - Clouds

Three nuns who had recently died were on their way to heaven. At the pearly gates they were met by St. Peter.

Around the gates there was a collection of lights and bells.

St. Peter stopped them and told them that they would each have to answer a question before they could enter through the pearly gates.


 St. Paul: “What were the names of the two people in the garden of Eden?”

1st nun: “Adam and Eve.

The lights flashed the bells rang and in she went through the pearly gates.

St. Paul: “What did Adam eat from the forbidden tree ?”

2nd nun: “An apple.

The lights flashed the bells rang and in she went through the pearly gates.

St. Paul: “What was the first thing Eve said to Adam ?”

3rd nun: After a few minutes of thinking she says “Gosh, that’s a hard one!”

The lights flashed …

Angel - Pearly Gates

Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

11 thoughts on “I’m Addicted

  1. LOL Issy! I went to Catholic school for a while too ~ but at the time I wouldn’t have understood that joke! We had a power outage in our house last Wednesday and called an electrician. He opened all the plug sockets and found that a slug had somehow got in and crawled across the contacts, shorting out the circuit! We had to pay £35 to get it fixed ~ but we were grateful that it wasn’t a more serious problem in the wiring as this is an old house.

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  2. hahahaha it was a cute was not all that blue

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  3. thanks for the laugh! as for electricity & lack thereof – a few months ago our power went out – couldn’t even use gas stove, as powered by electricity! I don’t have iPad & didn’t have smartphone, just desktop computer that couldn’t turn on. too hard to read a book by candlelight. ended up playing scrabble, which was fun. a friend put it well – he said life without internet would be like being back in 1970s.


  4. Hahahaha hahahahaha! FUNNY!!

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  5. I love storms and imposed electronic breaks but then I once lived in a remote setting accessible by boat or float plane only with a two way radio for emergencies. Books, music (on tape deck served by a generator), art supplies, nature and my dog were fabulous companions. Sigh. Maybe again one day sooner rather than later. I had to read the last line of your joke twice before I got it lol, just shows you where my head is not lol. Nice post 😊

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    • Perhaps, it’s because I’ve experienced several hurricanes that I don’t light electrical outages. Hurricane Charlie left us without electric or water for 5 days. Our pool was our bath. LOL It’s overwhelming when Mother Nature is in control.
      We made the best of the situation once I accepted my tech toys were not going to work. : )
      You’re a brave soul to be in the environment you described. I’d be helplessly anxious. I do hope you get to do it again.
      We can make our Bucket List come to life if we dream it everyday. Thank you for the wonderful comment, Janni.
      I appreciate your stopping in for a visit. Your gravatar smile brightens my blog.
      Isadora 😎

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      • My pleasure! Hurricanes are a game changer for sure. Living simply was good for my soul, life was calmer and even soothing really. Going to the springs for your water to start your day might mean seeing a deer and at night raccoon families’ eyes would shine at you from the dark. I sketched, I painted, I wrote and took my St. Bernard out with me in the boat to drop and later pull up the crab traps. Though my days of chain sawing trees into burl tables are well done lol. Sigh, lots of happy memories.

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