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Sunday Song – St. James Infirmary


Pete Fountian.web

Autographed photo of Pete Fountain @ Pete’s Place

St James Infirmary-Pete Fountain

The great and beloved clarinetist Pete Fountain’s died Saturday, August 6, 2016 of heart failure, according to his son-in-law/manager Benny Harrell. He was 86.

Pete Fountain – Basin Street Blues

I met Pete Fountain when I took my husband to New Orleans for his birthday in 1966. Jazz was, is and will always been a big part of his life. Fountain was his clarinet idol since the day he picked up the instrument.

We were visiting many, many night clubs while vacationing. We came across Pete Fountain’s club on Bourbon Street called  ‘Pete’s Place’. We made reservations for that evening.

Pete Fountian 1.web

From my Scrapbook – Pete’s Place

There was no fee to get in but there was a drink minimum of $4.50 per person. This was in 1966. As non-drinkers, we had to consume a lot of soda to meet that fee.

He was exceptional as a showman. During his 20 minute intermission, he came over to our table. You can imagine how awestruck my husband was. We thought he was coming over to us because of all the cheering during his performance.

Instead, he came over to us and said, “Hey kids, how would you like to come back stage after the show and take lots of pictures.”

It’s should be no surprise that we said, “Yes, at the same time”.

“Great! Because your flash is blinding me,” he said with a chuckle as he walked away.

Pete Fountian - Isa.web

From my Scrapbook – Me & Pete Fountain

Pete Fountain brought the New Orleans Jazz style to mainstream music through his many solo appearances on the Lawrence Welk and Johnny Carson shows.

Peter Dewey Fountain Jr. was born in New Orleans on July 3, 1930, and was exposed from an early age to the lively small-group jazz that was an integral part of that city’s atmosphere. Inspired by Benny Goodman and the New Orleans clarinetist Irving Fazola and by a family doctor who recommended that he learn a wind instrument to strengthen his weak lungs. He began playing clarinet at age 12. 2016©Los Angeles Times

The World of Jazz has lost a great musician.
R.I.P. Pete Fountain

2016©Isadora DeLaVega

When The Saints Go Marching In

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Song – St. James Infirmary

  1. What a classy way to handle that situation! And such a great memory. 🙂 You were (and are) such a “stunner,” Izzy! 🙂 🙂

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    • Hi Lorna,
      I’ve been off the grid for a bit. I’m just starting to catch up with my blogs. 😊
      Pete Fountain was very, very nice. I agree he did mange to calm us down in a classy way.
      A huge hugs for your very complimentary comment. Your too kind … Thank You !!!
      I’ll catch you around the block. Have a GREAT weekend.


  2. So sad that he passed away but he sure lived a long full life. It’s wonderful that you have an autographed photo of him and that you and your husband got to go backstage with him!

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  3. A five-star post about an all time favourite song of mine. Most recent version I heard was Hugh Laurie’s . Worth a listen if you’ve not heard it.

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  4. Issy, I’m so glad you both got to meet him, 50 years ago. A really lovely tribute.

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  5. Great tribute, my dear Isadora – how lucky to have met and …photographed him!!!! 😉

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