Inside the Mind of Isadora

Friday Fictioneers – Bubba’s Gone Too Far



“Maw,” Becky Sue whined, tears streaming down her face.

“Child, look what you’ve done,” Momma said pointing to the floor.
“Ya’ll dragged muddy dirt in. I’m near ‘bout to lose my mind with all the work that’s gotta be done ‘round here.”

“But, Maw, come see. Bubba’s done a real bad thing,” Becky Sue bawled.
“Please Maw, please come see.”

“Fine! I suppose it’s gotta be important.”

“Look,” Becky Sue pointed.

“Lordy that child’s done gone too far this time. Drinkin’, smokin’ and breakin’ your favorite dolly.”
“Go find me a switch, Becky Sue. Someone ‘round here needs some learnin’.”

2017©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100 words
Photo:©Liz Young

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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of whom I am no matter what venue I choose to express it.

41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Bubba’s Gone Too Far

  1. Convincing tale of sibling discord and a distracted mother. Well done.

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  2. Drinking and smoking could be forgiven but breaking the doll was too much. Great voice here.

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  3. Bubba’s in a heap a trouble!

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  4. Great take, the switch sounds painful but he knew the rules before he broke the doll, I suppose. Great voice in this piece

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  5. Hello Isadora
    Warm greetings from Warsaw.
    Happy weekend.

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  6. You caught the essence of these people. Way to go, Iz!
    Also, in Kansas we have the tendency to talk like that, too. Depends on where you go.

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  7. Oh, our Bubba is in for some trouble. I love how Momma decided that she could put down her work and deal with “the bad brother.” Very fun story. YOU have a great weekend.

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    • You’re so sweet, Alicia, to pop over even though your so very busy. Thank you dear.
      Momma’s down south don’t take to bad behavior. My dearest friedn was born and raised
      in the south. I’ve been down south since ’89. It looks like I’ve picked up quite a bit of her
      twang and phrasing. She has a dog named Bubba. Thanks again … Have a fun time.
      Isadora 😎

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  8. Ouch, there’s going to be a padlin’, is that how you say it over there?

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  9. I loved the subject matter and the voice,

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  10. Querida Isadora,

    This is a different sort of piece for you. I could hear and see this one. They’s gonna be some powerful hurtin’ to Bubba’s butt. Nicely done.



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    • Querida Rochelle,
      One never knows what fills the mind of Isadora. I’m the ever changing chameleon.
      I live in the south. My friend was born and raised here. Her dog is named Bubba.
      It’s a miracle she hangs with this yankee. ~~~ : – )
      I was trying to be a little less intense with my writing this week. Although, Bubba is gonna be hurtin’. haha
      Gracias, mi amiga. Que goces el fin de semana.
      Isadora 😎

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  11. Brothers can be like that – I know, I had two!

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  12. I loved/hated the voice. My neck is red, just from readin’ it. 😉

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    • I live in the south. I have a friend born and raised here. Her dog is named Bubba.
      I’m just happy she decided to play with this yankee. No offense intended; just good wholesome retelling.
      A little aloe vera should help that red neck. Thanks for popping in and commenting, Archer.
      Isadora 😎


  13. Ha! An entire Twainian saga neatly tied up in 100 words. Loved it!

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    • Well, thank you very much there, Gabe.
      I live in a southern state. I’ve a born and raised southern friend whose dog is named Bubba.
      Is a good source for learning about southern living.
      I’m real happy she decided to play with this yankee.
      Thanks for the great comment.
      Isadora 😎

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  14. You can call me Bubba! 😯

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    • HA HA I live in a southern state so there’s lots of Bubba’s with dogs and pick-up trucks.
      I have a friend who’s dog is name Bubba. She born and raised in the south.
      We love each other now but they can hate them yankees big time.
      Have a great weekend, Bubba. 😄
      Isadora 😎

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  15. Lawzy, lawzy, lawzy! some’s got no respect for other’n stuff!

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