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Nurture Yourself – Accept Life’s Changes


Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint and the soil and sky as canvas. ©Elizabeth Murray

Drying roses or flowers remind us of the impermanence of life.
Our bodies and mind change over the years.
We become weaker. Our health declines despite our efforts.
But, there can be beauty at every stage of our lives.
Mother Nature provides great lessons about these stages
if we’re willing to see them.

Flowers wilt as they age. The petals become brittle. The colors fade.
When the time has come for precious flowers to leave us,
they play a symphony of shades of various colors for us to further enjoy.
Too often our fear of endings grasps our emotions.
We banish them to the disposable world
and, their beauty ends too soon.
Focus on the beauty of life’s changes.
Inevitably, we are all ephemeral.

2017©Isadora DeLaVega

I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of Love, and of Truth,
of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me.
We are One.

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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

16 thoughts on “Nurture Yourself – Accept Life’s Changes

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  2. Yes, my dear Isadora… and being ephemeral should ultimately make us appreciate each moment! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

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  3. We’re just a blink of an eye in the scheme of things!

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  4. Issy, what an interesting reminder for us to ponder … Beautifully captured!

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    • Thank you, Becca. I was thinking about health and the effects aging has on it.
      I realized that even though we wish we could be healthy forever at some point we have no
      control over it. Therefore, it’s best to just accpet it and the changes it will play on our daily lives.
      I’m pleased your found it interesting.
      Issy 😎

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  5. Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

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  6. Lovely photo and beautiful thought, Issy. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend.


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    • And, you have a blessed weekend. I’m pleased you found this post to be of interest, Janet. As we age we change dramatically.
      At times, it’s difficult to accpet the changes. Our desire to be invincible wants to supersede but falters depsite our best efforts.
      Thank you so mush for your kind comment.
      Issy 😎

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  7. Wonderful post, Isadora!

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