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Cafe Chat …

Welcome … grab of cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. 

Now, sit in a comfy chair and let’s chat.

A little music might be nice … hope you enjoy my selection :

It’s been quite sometime since I posted on my blog. I was scheduled to have a knee replacement on December 10, 2018. Dancing from the age of  5 had taken its toll on my knee joints. My knees were begging for rest. 

If you aren’t aware of my addiction, let me tell you what it is. It’s dancing.

I took ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance for more years than I can count.

My husband and I were square dancers working our way up to competition level. We ballroom dance; although, my husband doesn’t like counting. As a jazz musician he likes to jam-out free style. It can’t be done with a partner but he adjusts his thinking for me. And, let’s not forget the 60’s doo-wops songs and the 70’s disco days.

I never sit through any song that’s playing. 

Dancing has always been an outlet for any stress I’m experiencing. I used it to keep my sanity when my husband was a police officer. Everyday he left for work could have been his last day with me and his family. When he was shot after 15 years of service I was elated. He could no longer be an officer. He was given early retirement which involved another layer of stress. After all, he was in a wheelchair now. With no hope from doctors, he eventually resolved to be wheelchair bound for life. Then, one day, he angrily stated that he would walk again despite the physicians prognosis. 

He went through grueling rehabilitation and today is walking. He’s managed two careers since that retirement and continues with his Copper Whimsea’s artwork.

I guess you could have called me a gym-rat as is the name for anyone who is obsessed with exercise now-a-days.

I loved the muscle aches, the sweating and the smell of the metal weights. My endorphins never rested. I still crave the feelings but my body has put a stop to that right now, but, I’ll be back.

Since my medical history is high risk, my orthopedic doctor wanted clearance from all of my physicians. I have many. A hematologist for blood clots my body likes to make. A pulmonologist for when the blood clots take up residence in my lungs. An endocrinologist for a genetic thyroid disease called Hashimoto. A primary physicians for my tri-monthly check-ups and a cardiologist for checking on all the over-load of love I have in my heart. I had the all clear from all physicians except the cardiologist. He wanted me to take a stress test. The results showed that my heart was enlarged on the left side. 

Why hadn’t he noticed that in May at my last appointment? 

Surgery was scheduled for two day later. Since December 7, 2018, I’ve been resting and healing.

I discovered during the first few days of recovering that I was antsy about checking my blog, facebook and any other media I connect to. So, you see, I too am a victim of social media.

I replaced my computer with knitting needles and yarn. I’ve enjoyed many movies, books, painting, listening to meditation music and relaxing on my lanai while enjoying the lovely lake my home sits behind. The birds have been scarce but the few that sing to me have provided a beautifully peaceful respite. Healing takes time. It happens in stages. But, I’ll be back.


Isadora 😎

May you all have in the coming year good health,

peace, joy and more love than your heart can hold …


Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

26 thoughts on “Cafe Chat

  1. ¡Me gusta tu música! 🙂

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  3. Hi Issy, usually when I haven’t been blogging for awhile I visit everyone to catch up, but this time I just didn’t have time as I’d missed so much. So thanks for sending my here! It doesn’t surprise me you’re a dancer, you have such soul and joie de vivre. I know you’ll be back on the dance floor soon, just be patient, do your physio exercises and the time will fly by. You and Al are a remarkable couple with many happy dancing years ahead, take care and have a wonderful 2019, with love Gx


  4. Wow, so much has gone on in your life! But kudos to both you and your husband for keeping the faith and working through it all with spirits and head high! Praying that 2019 is filled with blessings, especially those of health and happiness.


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  5. Your spirit sounds A+!
    As your husband fought odds and won, you will, too!
    Until you can dance, again, I suggest you dance in spirit. Perhaps you will feel like rocking out at Frank’s Beatles Concert this weekend.
    Sending love and support! -Resa ❤

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    • Yes, Resa, my spirit is always floating with musical notes: meditative or amusing. Thank you for the good wishes. In do time, I will be the bell of the ball once again. If not, I will learn to be a chair dancer. LOLOL
      I’ll definitely be a part of aFrank’s great musical; although, I was out of the states when they became popular. I still got to know them a little on my return but missed the tremendous impact. Have a GREAT weekend ….
      Isadora 😎

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  6. Thanks for directing me back this way. I’ve been travelling between families since Christmas Day, therefore I’ve missed many posts. All the best to you for a good recovery!


  7. My best to you, Izzy, for a speedy and complete recovery. And Happy New Year to you too! May the coming year bring peace, prosperity, happiness and good health to you and your family. Much love and blessings, Gayle xoxo

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    • Thank you, dear friend. I’m getting there day by day. It’s a process we all have to go through. None of us gets away with being perfectly healthy as we age. Of course, mine is not aging. It’s that I had too much LOVE in there and had to have some removed in order to share. 😂
      Hope to visit your blog soon. I may chime in with a poem or two in 2019. Always enjoy seeing you here visiting, Gayle. Your life is truly blessed with those 2 gorgeous granddaughters. Good health, joy, happiness and love in 2019.
      Izzy 😎

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      • No, we don’t get away with assorted health issues as we age. Right now I’m suffering from some random leg pain that I don’t even know how I hurt it! Now that’s sad! 🙂 I love your comment on needing to have some of your love removed so that you could share it. I’m certain that’s true! If you visit my blog you won’t find much action going on over there I’m afraid. I resigned from my administrative duties at dVerse many months ago because my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I’ve been asked if I’d like to return but I can’t bring myself to rejoin when I’m feeling so uninspired. What happened to all that enthusiasm?! I hope it does make a comeback…someday. I am blessed for sure with those two little angels…they really are just the sweetest little things who make my heart soar. Thank you for your New Year wishes, Izzy…I’ll see you around and wish you the best always.
        Namaste and lots of love,
        Gayle xoxo

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        • I’ve had those days, Gayle, when I wonder if I can manage more posts on my blog or FB. It’s beginning to feel like work. The times I’ve been away from he computer have been a pleasure. Isn’t that what we strive for – Freedom from obligations. I’m with you, we need too focus on health and happiness and, sometimes, nothing at all.
          I have a book called ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’ it says so much. As a child I was taught to be busy, busy, busy. I’m trying to relearn it’s o k to do nothing.
          Keep your focus on health and those priceless lil ones. It’s incredible when I look back at how we met through this www and I still love everything you have to say. Perhaps, 2019 we allow us to finally connect in person. I would adore it.
          Hugs and Love, Izzy xoxo

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          • Yes, it started feeling like work instead of the enjoyment that it once provided. I wonder what happened?! Well, mostly I miss my blogging. I am on FB but not in great depth and certainly not to engage with strangers on political matters! Holy smokes, no! 🙂 I do have an extended family though and FB keeps me in touch with them and I get to see photos of new babies and wish my nieces, nephews and cousins happy birthday, etc.

            I don’t seem to need a book called “The Art of Doing Nothing”…I can do ‘nothing’ very well and feel quite guilt free about it too…haha.

            I would love to meet you, Izzy! We’re not that far from one another either I don’t believe. Yes, we met on Beliefnet in that writing group. I’m thrilled that we have kept in touch through all this time too. I believe we share some core values and I think I remember you saying that your husband is Buddhist. I do attend a couple of Buddhist meditation groups each week but haven’t really labeled myself Buddhist but maybe I am, lol! Let’s see what we can make happen…after your recovery of course and whenever we both can get it together.

            Hugs and love…and to good health in 2019,
            Gayle xoxo


  8. Good to see a post from you, and sending love and well wishes in your recovery.. Dancing you must have missed..
    I too have been clicking away with my knitting also..instead of my mouse…
    Love and well wishes for 2019..
    Take care Isadora..
    Love Sue ❤

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    • Ahhh … I hope you post some of your knitted work. I plan to add a few in a post soon. I’m enjoying the creative process. I made 8 hats for Christmas gifts.
      Recovery is going slow. I hope to be running around and causing laughter and joy to all soon. Happy 2019 😍
      Isadora 😎

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      • So pleased you are finding creative time.. Its healing in itself.. Take all the time you need.. Sometimes we have to be selfish… I look forward to catching your future posts.. If I do not arrive on time, It just means I didn’t spot it then.. Love to you ❤


  9. I hope your recovery is complete and you find yourself in good health again soon! Bless your heart. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


  10. I hope the recuperation goes quickly and you are back to dancing soon. All the best wishes for you in the New Year. ✨💕✨

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  11. Happy New Year, sweet neighbor and friend. We love you!


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