Inside the Mind of Isadora

Friday Fictioneers – Just Once


The study was dreary even with the sun shining through the thin curtains.

‘Just once,’ he’d said.

Part of her wanted to give into his adulterous plan. 

She twisted her wedding band round and round. 

Her heart fluttered with a wave of excitement.

Glancing at the clock, she knew Randall wouldn’t be home for hours.

His empty whiskey glass her justification for the wayward exploit.

The phone rang again.

She picked up the receiver slowly; her yearning greater than her reasoning. 

She could hear his voice was full of desire.

“Once,” she said to him, “just once and never again.”

2019©Isadora DeLaVega




Word Count: 100

Genre: Flash Fiction

Photo Prompt:©Fatima Fakier Deria

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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

46 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Just Once

  1. Nicely written, Isadora!

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  2. I want to grab her and say, “No! Don’t do it! Just Once is the first step. It’s a slippery slope from there.

    Really well depicted, this struggle against something she knows she shouldn’t do.

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  3. Even just once is wrong. Maybe the guilt will keep her honest next time.

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  4. When temptations come in the form of the heart, it is difficult to identify it. Drugs, alcohol, junk food – these are easier to box as bad for you. I hope she changes her mind, or at least leaves her partner first.

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  5. I doubt it will only be once…. but on the other hand it might not matter much if… Randall seems to be a bad egg…

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  6. Uh-oh… those who play with fire will get burnt sooner or later. This piece has such a rich emotional landscape. You’ve certainly got me wondering whether she’ll give in to temptation! Muy bien escrito, Isadora.
    Un abrazo,

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  7. Who is she kidding? Every time she will think this one last time. One day she will be caught. Till then a forbidden fruit is so delicious and give so much adrenaline rush.

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  8. Just once? I think not. Last night I said I’d have just one square of chocolate….!

    Here’s my contribution!

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  9. Such is life full of temptations, but can she really trust her instincts. I liked how the writing really brought out the indecision and worry.

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  10. Querida Isadora

    I fear that even if it’s just once and never again…it will bring regrets for years to come. You leave me hoping that something happens to prevent them. Entiendo tan tentación. 😉 Nada pasó. Gracias a Dios. Bien escrito mi amiga.

    Shalom y abrazos,



    • Querida Rochelle,
      Si es verdad. Hay muchos problemas cuando los ojos ven lo que no deben.
      I’m stretching my characters into waters I remember from my X-Northern friends of days-gone-by. Gracias por sus muy amables palabras.
      Abrazos y Shalom,
      Isadora 😎


  11. that’s all they say. once tasted, the forbidden fruit becomes an addiction.

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  12. Just once is never going to be just once, it’s a slippery slope!

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  13. Hammer blows painted-in feather light. Brilliant writing, Isadora

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  14. Good in the moment but it all looks different in the morning.

    I liked how the story unfolded.

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  15. I have a feeling it’s not going to be just once… nice one!

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  16. Oh no. Fingers in the cookie jar… I doubt it is gonna stop at once. Nicely done, Isadora.

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  17. Oooohhh, Izziy! Cheating gives a moment of thrill and much longer of guilt. Well, usually 😉

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  18. A moment’s weakness for a lifetime of regret. You have conveyed the thrill of temptation very well.

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  19. Just once rarely ever works that way.

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  20. Bitter sweet tale. Not much good comes from wandering. A big story in a tiny package.
    Happy Halloween amiga.

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