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COVID 19 and Me – Part 6





“The life which is unexamined is not worth living.”©Plato


Part 6

I think I had the corona virus from our New Year’s Eve our cruise.

We’d left on December 28  and returned on Jan 5. I was sick the following day. We’d both been feeling strangely achy the last two days onboard.

Hubby had taken two anitbiotic prescriptions. I had taken three. They didn’t help nor did over-the-counter meds before we went to the MD. Hubby was better after two weeks. I was better after six weeks but I do have autoimmune health issues which cause me to heal slower.

The cruise line was an Italian line. The ship had just arrived at Port Everglades directly from Italy. It was the first time this cruise line would be sailing the Caribbean. The ship was the Costa Luminosa.

The ship wasn’t clean. The staff looked unkept. The passengers were about 80% European, French, British and Chinese. There were a lot of children. 

One morning, we’d awakened too late to make it to the dining room for breakfast. I’m not a fan of buffets. I think the food always looks unappetizing. There are too many choices. It’s overwhelming to watch people mound huge amounts of food on their plates. You viewing gluttony at play. But, I take a med that requires food and it has to be taken early so we made our way to the buffet. I gathered my small bits of food and coffee. Hubby was on a search for a banana. Yes, he enjoys a banana everyday. I went to sit in, what I thought, was a quiet little area. 

A family, parents and small boy, sat across from me. I smiled at the boy. His hair was sticking up like a cute little porcupine. It looked like they’d done this hairstyle on purpose. He had big round dark eyes, super red chubby cheeks and a runny nose. I looked around to see if there was another table further away that I could move to. My feeling was that if he had a runny nose he might have a cough too. I located a table but as I stood up it was too late. He coughed right at me. He coughed several times. He sounded like a barking dog. It was deep and raspy.

No hand over his mouth … No cough in a tissue … No cough in the bend of his arm … Just a straight at me cough.

Since I was up and heading to that other table, I decided to talk to the parents. I told them their son looked sick and shouldn’t be in a public area with his cold. I said their son coughed in my direction and that I could get sick. I said if they could show him how to cough while covering his mouth with his hand or in bend of the arm. They looked at me like I was a crazy person. Perhaps, I was. I have a very weak and easily compromised autoimmune system. I just cann’t see parents taking a child out in public when they aren’t well. I suppose the red cheeks were from a fever.

The ship didn’t have any hand sanitizers anywhere. All of the criuses we’ve been on have them everywhere. There are times staff will come up to you and spray some in your hands. This ship was minus hand sanitizers.

The cruises have staff cleaning public areas all the time. The elevator buttons, hand rails, chair backs, door handles, just about anything people touch. This ship didn’t have anyone cleaning … ever. I remember commenting to my hubby that the children must be playing with the elevators button because they were very grimy. I’m a bit of a germ panic person so I always have tissues or hand wipes and sanitizers. I never touched the elevator buttons without a tissue. It was very bad.

Did I have COVID 19?

I couldn’t say a definitive yes. When there’s a test to see if you’ve contracted the virus, I will get it in order to definietly know. I had a lot of issues happen that could’ve brought on the virus. According to some articles I’ve read COVID19 started in Italy in November. 

My travels on an Italian ship started the end of December. The people on the ship could have been carriers or had it and not known. The cooks and staff could have had it or been carriers as well.

The man who coughed on me on New Year’s Eve could have had it or been a carrier. The little boy, who was Chinese might have had the virus and not a cold. Hubby had the virus for two weeks which is the time frame they’ve talked about on updates. 

I do know that I’ve had the flu in the past but this didn’t feel like the same thing. I feel if this was COVID19, it was the worse thing I’ve ever gone through. I’m hoping because I’ve been through it I can’t get it again. And, I might have built up an immunity to it. 

Thank you for reading 🙏🏻

May you have a safe journey during these difficult times. 

Isadora 😎


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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

25 thoughts on “COVID 19 and Me – Part 6

  1. the life which is not worth living is worth examining


  2. My goodness, Isadora, that was a close call and all due to stupidity and irresponsibility of people! It really makes me furious at how stupid people can be! It is obvious, since this all began in China [and spread to Italy where it is well known that north Italy is populated in a very large percentage by Chinese due to the textile industry], that your cruiser was a carrier of that virus. If only people acted with more responsibility towards their fellow human beings, this wouldn’t have spread so much! All and all it’s just a case of 1. not going out when feeling ill, 2. washing hands very well, 3. not touching face, 4. keeping a distance/if not, wearing a mask. So simple, why is it that it takes so much convincing in order to take these simple measures for a certain period? Anyway, you take extra care, my sweet friend and stay safe! Sending you so much love and many many -virtual- hugs 😉 !!!!!

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    • I had no idea that in Northern Italy there is a Chinese population. I appreciate the info, Marina. I’m sure many people who were on the ship didn’t have any idea about being a carrier. I plan to see my MD once we are all safe to ask about my experience. He was bewildered when I wasn’t getting better. I’m sure he’ll remember the incident. I hope no one in his office got sick from me. I feel for the MD he has small children. Fingers crossed none of them contracted covid19.
      I never took my children anywhere when they were ill. I always had a wet washcloth in a plastic sandwich bag (prior to handi wipes now – lol) with me to wipe down their hands and faces often. My family used to say it wasn’t necessary but I felt it was. I’ve always had a thing about germs. I’d use sanitizer after I read a restaurant menu. I’d wipe down shopping carts. I’d use a tissue to open doors. Well, you get the idea. I’ve always been aware that many people aren’t very clean. I’m the total opposite so it bothers me when someone doesn’t respect my space.
      We will all be changing the way we do things in the future. The fear is whether or not we will be able to adjust to this new normal or will we continue with terrible habitual behaviors that could potentially harm others. The isolation has some people stressed but we should enjoy this time of being still. Perhaps, we were too busy to know that life can be more than being constantly on the go.
      I wish you days filled with heartfelt love and blessings, dear friend.
      Isadora 😎 😍 🤗 🙏 😍 😎 🥰 😘 💜💜💜


  3. What a story, Isadora! It does sound like you had COVID-19 and I’m so I’m so sorry you went through this, but so glad that you came out of it able to share your tale with us all. It’s definitely a cautionary tale. The world has changed for all of us in recent weeks and we should all have new appreciation for hand sanitizer after this (if we can find any!). Stay well and keep writing! XOXO

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    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, Caroll. I always welcome and appreciate those who visit my blog. I needed to let familiy and friends about my experience because I was in contact with some after I got better. no sceintific data is available to say whether or not in stays in our bodies. I plan on seeing my MD once the siolation is lifed to ask him. He did seem bewildered by my not being able to get better. Yes, some people experience mild sypyoms but the high risk people may have more servere syptoms and those are the ones dying. It looks like I was spared by grace. It is indeed a changing world. We all have to do our part to help it go forward in positive ways. Hope you’ll visit once again. Feel free to browse my blog. Stay safe … Be Happy
      Namaste 🙏 Isadora 😎

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  4. Querida Isadora,

    What a story! I’m so relieved that you recovered. I’d guess that you did have the dreaded virus. It makes you wonder how many have had it that didn’t know…before the word pandemic became a word we utter on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing your story. May you continue in strength and health.

    Shalom y carino,


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    • Querida Rochelle,
      Me da alegria saber que le gusto mi cuento.
      Bueno, en verdad, es mi vida.
      In looking back I remember my MD shaking his head and saying he was stunned I wasn’t getting better. I will go in to see him, which I usually do every 3 months, when the isolation is over and ask him if he thinks I may have had it. In a way, I’d be happy if I did because I may have built up an immunity. But, I feel terrible about the possibility that I may have passed it one to his staff, also, he has small children. : (
      Gracias ppor sus buenas palabras. Si voy a descansar para mantener mi salud.
      Abrazos y Carino, mi amiga
      Isadora 😍 😎

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  5. Sp glad of the outcome Isadora 🙂 It does sound like you had Covid 19. Isolating and taking care that others don’t come into contact was wise. It’s now April and do you still have any aches and pains?

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    • I’m so pleased I was able to get better from the virus if it this horrible covid19 everyone is trying to avoid. I was surprised when my MD kept shaking his head side to side with a puzzled look when I was in his office. I’d like to see him after the qquarentine to ask him his thoughts. Thanks for reading and commenting. I always appreciate it. I’m pleaseed my followers ar still here to supposrt me. 😍 Isadora 😎

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  6. Well, I quickly read all your remaining segments of the story, Izzy, without stopping! I would say you had COVID-19. I think you walked into the perfect storm for catching that virus on that ship with the lack of cleanliness, the many Italians, Chinese and others that were coming from those places where the virus was just getting going and that cough from that child right in your face! You didn’t stand a chance. I’m so sorry, Izzy. I also feel sorry that our world still has those who are so negative and hate-filled toward others. I know your husband’s spiritual practice helped him use restraint when he could have gone in a whole different direction. I admire him for that. I’m hoping like with some viruses this one will provide immunity so that you can’t get it again. I hope you can get tested at some point.
    Love and hugs, Izzy,
    Gayle xoxo

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    • Thank you, Gayle. I’ve been telling friends and family about my experience because I think this covid19 is going to showcase more symptoms in the future. I do believe some may have mild symptoms but those who have the more severe symptoms may be the ones who are at high risk but may also be the ones who are dying. Usally, I go right to bed when I’m not well. In this case, it was my saving grace. Yes, Al used his meditative practices to release that negative energy when it occurred. Even in these darkest of times there will be hateful people. I fear the outrageous lines at gun shop buying ammuniation and guns.
      My plan is to see my MD when the isolation is over to ask his opinion. He did nod his head in confusion when he couldn’t figure out what else to do for me.
      It’s always apleasure to read your comments and see you here. Please stay safe … hugs and hugs Izzy 😍 😎


      • I’m very grateful that you were able to fight off that terrible infection, Izzy. There will always be those who hate others for really no good reason and it alarms me, as well as those lining up to buy firearms…yikes! Really, in many ways we’re still in the dark ages. I’m sure your doctor was confused when none of the antibiotics were working as they normally would. I would be very surprised if what you had was not the COVID-19 virus given the circumstances of that cruise! Wow. And it’s always a pleasure to visit you and read your wonderful work, Izzy. I’m trying my best to remain well…thanks! Love, hugs and protection… Gayle xoxo

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        • I think this is a good time for everyone to reflect on their behaviors towards each other. We are not an island. We need to be a kinder gentler people. I do hope that good will come from all of this. Thanks for always being there to support of my little blog. Whenever I see your gravatar on here or FB, I’m reminded how how small the WWW is, to have met such a wonderfully kind and caring person. Namaste 🙏😍😎


          • Namaste, to beautiful you, Izzy, and thank you for your kind words for me. I feel the same about you. I’m very grateful that we’ve maintained our connection throughout all of these years and glad that you started a blog to share your wonderful writings. I like that we share some of the same blogging friends too! Well, we did when I used to actually write on my blog! 🙄 I hope that people do take the time for some reflection during this time of isolation and may it bring out the best in us all. Love you, Izzy! 🙏💗🌺

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  7. Wow! This cruise was really an adventure to you! I hope that after all this stuff going on, people become more aware of hygiene and really, some parents need to pay more attention to the well being of their kids and the others.

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