Inside the Mind of Isadora

Are You Prejudice?


We’d all like to think that we’re open-minded and care about all of humanity.

I’ll be the first one to say, I believe we should all be treated the same despite age, race, color, or religious belief.

I may not always understand other people but I take the time to ask questions about whatever it is I don’t know

about the individual person and don’t make assumptions; perhaps, it may come from my own personal experiences. 

I wrote the following story in 2004. It still rings true today.


Open your Mind – Open your Heart

I stand at the sink in the restroom, and stare into the mirror.

Sweating profusely and red-faced, after finishing two hours of grueling work, my display is ready for the private showing and sale of my handmade art jewelry at the Sarasota Yacht and Country Club.

A feeling of relief covers my face when I ask the director from the club committee if there is someplace I can change and freshen up. She takes me to a well-equipped bathroom where I can shower and dress before the ladies arrive for the luncheon.

The chatty director tells me, the bathroom is used by the women, after their golf games. They can shower and change if they are staying for lunch.

It was incredible to see fluffy white towels folded and waiting for the next person to come in and use them. After a refreshing shower and a new outfit, I was ready to enter the country club to begin my art lecture.

As I gathered my things, an elegantly dressed woman enters the bathroom. I turn and smile as the woman goes into one of the stalls, only to find her stepping back out rather quickly. She approaches me.

“Would you put some toilet tissue in that second stall? There isn’t any inside the container; she says in an annoyed tone, then, the woman scurries off into another bathroom stall.”

Flabbergasted, I question myself on what I heard.

Has she just told me to replace the toilet paper in an empty toilet paper holder?

Yes. Without a doubt, she had. 

A cold chill radiates through her body. My mind goes to places I do not want it to go. Emotions begin to rise in me.

Why is this woman assuming I’m hired help? 

Eventually, the woman is standing beside me at the bathroom sink.

“Have you gotten the toilet tissue for that stall yet?”, she says disapprovingly.

Taken aback by the incredulous words this woman is saying to me, I manage to tell her that I’m not a worker at the country club. Though I’m overwhelmed by this insulting woman, I gather-myself together enough to put into words that I’m the featured artist/lecturer for the luncheon.

The embarrassed woman stammers in an effort to find words to express herself. None seem to come her way. She blew a not-so-sincere apology and exited the bathroom as quickly as she could.

I stand frozen for what seems like a lifetime. Reflections of how far in the world we’ve come all disappear in one moment. My thoughts keep repeating, we are still in the days of repressive domination.

Nationality, color, and ethnicities are still prevalent in the minds of some upper-class white people. Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality that I did not expect on this very auspicious day. I’d been selected from a great many artistic jewelers to give a lecture at a country club luncheon. It was an invitation my peers had let me know they coveted.

With my shoulders back and a deep cleansing breath, I leave the bathroom and head for the lecture hall.

I would complete my task of lecturing on ‘Designer Jewelry in the Art World.’

Regardless of what the thoughts of others might be, I will stand proud in the power of my place in the art world as a Latina woman. I will engage the women at the luncheon with my knowledge of my art form. Hopefully, on this day, I will be able to educate someone on the proper way to treat other people of any kind, even hired help.

2020©Isadora Delavega



Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

14 thoughts on “Are You Prejudice?

  1. Sadly, this happens to so many people of color everyday. We all have to admit that he have our biases, preconceived notions and assumptions but being prejudiced is another level. I recently came across an article entitled “Is There a Cure for Prejudice”. Very enlightening bible based information. It shows we all have to work towards being better, especially when we think we don’t have anything to improve upon. Thank you for sharing and for these important reminders.

    Here’s a link to the article:


  2. Querida Isadora,

    Lamento que esto te haya pasado. Tan equivocado. I’m glad you set her straight. Bien escrito mi amiga. If only we could embrace each other’s differences. Que lastima. Gracias for sharing this.

    Shalom y abrazos.


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  3. I am flabbergasted Isadora. To have that happen is truly appalling. As an Australian I would like to believe that wouldn’t happen here but my world of inclusiveness isn’t everywhere I fear. The words Country Club conjures images of monied people who exist for each other and wealth. I was going to write privileged white people but that would be a sign of prejudice wouldn’t it? I hope she opened her expensive purse and bought a lot of your wonderful work. I admire your strength but wish you didn’t have to be strong for simple things as being courteous to others. A story that does need to be retold often as from 2004 to now little has seemed to change in the US x


    • Yes, they were very wealthy people. They live in penthouses and have yaghts. I was a bit intimidated when I was chosen. I suppose that’s why I couldn’t react to her. However, she did buy a lot of jewelry from me and was very timid in her manner while speaking to me. When I relayed the story to another artist friend, she said she wouldn’t have sold her anything. I don’t agree. I think the woman was the one who had to eat humble pie. Besides, it’s how I was making a living. I wasn’t about to shoot myself in the foot. LOLOL
      Posting the story was a difficult choice for me. I don’t like to add controversy to my posts but these are stressful times that seem to be staying the same. I think change would be nice. Loving all people for who hthey are, would be nice. Maybe even, learning about others so we can better understand them, would be nice.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting …
      Be safe … Be Healthy … Be Happy 😍
      Isadora 😎

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  4. I’m sorry you had to go through that but congratulations, both on your measured response (keep on the high level, don’t go to hers) and on your selection to such a prestigious position. I would only add that prejudice is not confined to white people but finds an ugly home in people of all races and ethnic groups.



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    • I do agree with you, Janet. There are people in every ethnic group that have their prejudices.
      I believe some of it comes from our parents who may have talked in front of children and thought they didn’t understand.
      I remember my Dad disliking some countries because of the war he was in. I did overhear his comments. I suppose it’s
      the reason why I try not to judge before I’ve had the proper information.
      It was quite an honor. I always remember the many women who were very complimentary about the lecture. They made quite
      a lot of purchases which helped soothe all that had gone on. I think the story needed to be retold at this time.
      Thank you for having a compassionate open-mind to what can happen to other people. Have a Super Great week ….
      Izzy 😎 😍 💜 😍

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      • My f-i-l landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and was later in the Pacific. He would never buy a Japanese car. I can understand the difficulty of trying to not dislike people who have tried to kill you. It seems to me now that all the rioting and looting are causing more prejudice rather than less. Peaceful protests are fine, but the rest just makes the divides greater. Where do we go from here is the much more difficult issue and one we need to move on to wrestling with rather than more and more protesting.

        There are other ways people can experience prejudice. I’ve experience “pre-judgement” and nastiness against me because I homeschooled, because I’m a Christian, and because I’m a conservative. No one has shot me because of it, yet there are many ways to express prejudice.

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        • Oh how I can relate to your f-i-l snippet.
          I totally agree with your addition of people pre-judging. Hubby has been attacked when people learn he was a police officer or his belief in Buddihism. Well … we can go on and on can’t we? I don’t think there are easy soluitons. I fear for my grandchildren and the future generations. Where will this all go … I wonder.
          Blessings for being strong enough to post your opinions. I was hesitant to add this story as people are frightened when questioned about what they believe or have opions of on something whether current or in the past. Perhaps, silence isn’t so golden?!
          Be safe … Be Healthy … Be Happy 😍
          Isadora 😎


          • I understand your hesitation. One of the saddest things about our country today (and others too, I know), is the lack of civility and not being able to discuss issue where there’s disagreement without name-calling and nastiness. Unless we can get that back, it’s going to continue to be a bad situation. I’ve basically left FB for now because of this and I hate reading the news because it’s always bad, always devisive, always about virus and race but on the negative side. Quite discouraging!

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            • I must say it’s refreshing to hear someone else say that FB is all negative. I’ve recently been avoiding it too. I don’t appreciate the anger and lack of allwoing others to speak what they feel without slurs back. I’m on a positive journey and can do without the huge drama. Bravo for you … 👍 😎

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