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Friday Fictioneers – Dying Love

“Let’s go to the shore,” he said.

“You’re mad, it’s snowing. Plus, we might get snowed in,” she said.

He loved spontaneity.  

She didn’t. 

Come on! We’ll walk the beach, shiver, then run to the warm flames of the fire left behind in the fireplace. We’ll sip champagne, eat chocolate strawberries as we warm. Besides, you aren’t able to resist my yearn for you.


She watched icy waves hit the shore from the balcony.

Just moments before, they’d laid close in each others’ arms, relishing the passion of their lovemaking. 

The fading red roses near the flames emulated his death.

2021©Isadora DeLaVega


Genre: Flash Fiction Romance

Word Count: 100 words

Photo Prompt:©Dale Rogerson

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Nurture Awakens

Every season spills its own wonder on earth ….©Isadora DeLaVega

Spring Dawn’

Every flower of every tomorrow,

is a seed well planted

on a winter’s day.

Then, earth awakens.

The wonder of another season.

Bringing colorful flowers,

for Spring’s debut.

2021©Isadora DeLaVega

Music is the smile of the soul … 2021©Al DeLaVega


Friday Fictioneers – The Letter

Browsing through the mail, I came across her letter. I didn’t recognize the handwriting.

The name, Lucy, on the return address gave my stomach a jolt. It had to be bad news.

It was written in Spanish. I had to refresh my skills. I read it a few times; although, the message was clear.


Your brother, George, died on December, 28, 2020. I just received notification from the 

sanatorium. His remains were donated to scientific research. He was cremated and buried by them. I have no location. 



Despite my sorrow, I prayed the research could save another.

2021©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Memoir

Word Count: 100 words

Photo Prompt:©Ted Strutz

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***** George Anthony Diaz Maisonet was born December 14, 1957.

He was born with a disability. He lived with my mother until she passed in 2010.

Lucy was his caretaker/companion until she became ill and could not care for him. 

The government placed him in a sanatorium. They did not notify the family.

This will be added to my memoir. 




Friday Fictioneers – Potty Time

I’ll be right back. You sit and make a poop.

“Okay, Mommy,” she said, in her sweet high pitch voice.

Ivy sprinted to the laundry room. My last chore, then I can put my feet up.

Instead shock covered Ivy’s face as she gazed upon her 18 month olds mess.

“Nikki, what have you done?”

“I cover the poop with paper and powder just like you.”

“Honey, I clean-up the poop, then, add the powder. You put the poop and the powder together. But, you’re a good girl because you pooped in the potty.” Great job! 

Goodbye to rest.


2021©Isadora DeLaVega

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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 100 words

Photo Prompt:©TrishNankivell


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Art and Music

Love is a canvas embroidered by you … 2021©Al DeLaVega

Red Butterflies’ 2021©Isadora DeLaVega

Look not for beauty,

nor color of skin,

but, for a heart,

that is loyal within.

For, beauty may fade,

and, skin grow old,

but, a heart that is loyal,

will never end.

2021©Al DeLaVega

Music is the smile of the soul … 2021©Al DeLaVega


Sunday Song – Down to the River to Pray

Costa Rica Church Aa.web

I was watching one of my favorite movies O’ Brother Where Art Though,

and remembered a post I had done awhile back. I decided I’d repost it.

The movie is on many t v  channels all of the time.  I think it’s a classic.

We need a feel good movie right now. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out on enjoying

few hours of fun with a wholesome movie. George Clooney isn’t too bad on the eyes either.

 These songs are from the movie. Alision Krauss sings them with a mesmerizing tone.

The Kossoy Sisters have a unique style.

Down to the River to Pray by Alison Kraus from O Brother Where Art Thou


If you have a favorite movie you’d like to share,  I’d love to have the recommendation.

You can add it with your comment.

Have a Blessed Sunday …

Kossoy Sisters-I’ll Fly Away-O Brother Where Art Through


Bubbles … Bubbles … Bubbles

blowing in the wind
I try to catch them
I can’t, what a sin

They float, they lift
with the currents of wind
Up, up, they soar 
higher and higher in the sky                               

Gentle crystal bubbles
radiant colors, sparkling
Iridescent and glistening bright
rising, rising, soon out of sight
2021©Isadora DeLaVega

What child or adult doesn’t enjoy playing with bubbles? 

A combination of dish soap or shampoo and water create the liquid that can provide an afternoon of fun. 

A thin layer of soap film forms hollow spheres when blown through an object. The bubbles don’t last very long before bursting but children always find it exciting to try and catch one. It’s always been a fun pastime.

Frank @ A Franke Angle hosts Beach Walk Reflections.

Last week, he wrote about bubbles at the beach.

His insightful essays on the topic are a pleasure read and worth a look.


Wordless Wednesday – Music and Painting

Love is a canvas embroidered by you.

Abstract Art’ ©MegaDuncanson

It doesn’t cost much to be happy if the currency of your heart

is the blowing of the breeze and the swaying of the trees.