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Friday Fictioneers – Life Erases

Alzheimer was erasing her mother’s life.

Sarah holds the door as her mother shuffles into the club. 

Brunch every Sunday after Temple at the Boca Grande Golf and Country club. Father loved golf, a member for years.

A big smile from Cecelia, the hostess, greets us as she escorts us to mothers favorite table. A Mimosa, Mrs. Cohen? Teary-eyed, she remembers past days with Moisha when its placed in front of her. 

Your father went far despite Auschwitz, Mother said with a blank gaze. You’re a good girl, Sarah, a good daughter.

At the funeral, Sarah remembered her words.

2020©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre – Flash Fiction

Word Count – 100

Photo Prompt: Jennifer Pendergast

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***** This week our challenge is to edit our previous story with this prompt or create a new on. Due to time restrictions, I’ve added my edited story from April, 2015.


Friday Fictioneers – First Car

“Mason?” “Are you ready?”

“Yeah Dad!”

“The dealership said you can pick-up the car. Its’ ready.”


A few hours later Mason drives up in his new 2017 VW.

Shocked, his Dad runs out faster than a cheetah running after prey.

“What the hell is this?”

“You see Dad, the car dealer told me, if I took his deal immediately I could have the VW with the old ford trade-in”.

“You’re not going to drive around college in a 2017 car.”

“But Dad, can’t we talk about this?”

“No, first car is always used.”

“Let’s take it back.”

2017©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flas Fiction

Word Count: 100

Photo Prompt: Kent Bonham


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Friday Fictioneers – Love is Like a River

Friday Fictioneers AA Feb.5, 2016 - leary2

The cloudy night casts a shadow over the river.
Sitting on the bank, I’m regretting my failures while mourning my loss.
We’d felt solace here.
You were the chuckle in my laughter. The path I walked that kept me straight.
We spent time listening to the reverberations of the rivers course.
Your eyes twinkled as you listened to me speak tender words of love.
The placid water exudes a strange calm.
There’s a stillness in the air that surrounds me.
Looking at the reflection of my face in the serenity of the water;
My thoughts linger gently on yesterday.
Gone …
2016©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100

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Friday Fictioneers – Narnia Adventure

Friday Fictioneers - Dec 4 - roger-bultot-2                                                                                    Photo Prompt by Roger Bultot

Narnia Adventure

“Hello, Mrs. Benson.”

“Hi Peter. What’re you boys up to do today?”

“Just a little hiking.”

“Be sure, to come home before dark.”

“Okay, Mom.”


Outside, Peter tugged Andy’s arm.

“What’s the rush?”

“I found the wardrobe. We can experience what happened in Narnia.”

“Ugh … it stinks in here.”


“We’re so sorry, Mrs. Benson.”

Her body wrenched.

“Officers, it can’t be. They’re good boys. Who’d do this to them?”

“The abandoned lot is a druggy hangout. They must’ve stumbled across a
strung out junky. It looks like they found a sword among the rubble..”

“It’s the weapon the killer used.”

2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Crime Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100

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*****    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a high fantasy novel for children by C. S. Lewis, published by Geoffrey Bles in 1950. It was the first published of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia (1950–1956) and the best known; among all the author’s books it is the most widely held in libraries. Although it was written as well as published first in the series, it is volume two in recent editions, which are sequenced according to Narnia history (the first being The Magician’s Nephew). Like the others, it was illustrated by Pauline Baynes, and her work has been retained in many later editions.
information from wikipedia



Friday Fictioneers – Dying Embers of Our Love

Friday Fictioneers - sandraYour eyes were filled with hatred as you walked away from me.

You swore revenge.

You shouted, “An eye for an eye” as your outstretched arm mimicked a sword. There was malicious venom in your voice.

How could you feel such rancor?

How could you be so vengeful?

We’d been slowly drifting apart. It had become clear to me.

Once, resplendent love emanated from us. It had made me blind to your cruel ways. But,no more.

Now, the burning embers of our love have gone out.

When we kissed and parted that night, I knew, we’d never meet again.

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100

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Photo Prompt for Challenge: Sandra Cook


Friday Fictioneers – My Daddy helped Your Daddy

Friday Fictioneers - jhc5
“My daddy helped your daddy.”

“I know. My daddy helped your daddy, too,” echoed Ivy.

“My mom said that when you’re a soldier you can die.”

“I know. A soldier can die like my daddy did,” Ivy whimpered.

“Don’t cry, Ivy, our daddys are together. They can still help each other in heaven.”

“I know. My daddy was a good soldier,” Ivy said with tears falling.

“Maybe, we can be soldiers when we grow up. We can be soldiers together. A soldier keeps people safe.”

“I know,” Ivy mumbled. “But, I want my daddy back.” “He was my best friend.”

2015©written by Isadora De La Vega
Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100

Soldier with infant - 1

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 was Veterans Day.

It’s a day to say ‘Thank You’ to all of the men and women who have served in wars to help maintain our freedom.

Children suffer the ravages of war in ways which effect them their entire lives. They are often forgotten. The loss they feel should not be minimized. They are the innocent victims.

To those who have come home to us, we praise you for your bravery.

To those who have not survived the ravages of war, we honor you for your bravery and for giving us the freedom we are able to enjoy today and everyday.

May your souls rest in peace.


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Friday Fictioneers – Tragedy at the Fair

Friday Fictioneers - carousel-ted-strutzPhoto Prompt    2015©Ted Strutz

Huntington Fairgrounds was a local place in town to take the kids every summer. A few rides, game stands with big stuffed animals; over cooked hot dogs, burgers and fries were the staple along with cardboard pizza.

My kids always brought a buddy friend.

They’d hate to leave.

Finally, I’d corral them for the whiny ride home.

“Let’s go”, I’d say. “A bathroom stop before we get into the car”.

Within moments, wailing and screams could be heard.
People running and crying abounded.

Impaled in his chest lay a teen on a fence spike.

He was still in the swing.

2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction 
Word Count – 100 Words

Although this challenge is for fiction stories,

the photo prompt brought this incident to mind, immediately.


 This incident is a true story that happened one summer. My middle daughter brought her friend, Lynn, that day. She was her best friend. The boy in the story was her 12 year old brother who had gone to the fair with his friends family. He suffered a great many injuries. His leg was also impaled. After many operations and a tremendous amount of care, he survived but had injuries that left him handicapped including difficulty walking. His family sued the fairgrounds and won their case. The fairgrounds were closed shortly thereafter.


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Friday Fictioneers – Despair

Friday Fictioneers A Prompt Photo - trg3
Sitting on the railing, he pondered the possibilities of flight. He was enveloped in a fog of despair. Just moments before his chest was bursting with joyous ecstasy. The love of his life had accepted his proposal. Her smile was radiant. She spoke of an overflowing love for him.
If there hadn’t been that accident on the bridge?
It had angered her.
Days before she’d been despondent. He thought he would reach her with his proposal.
Frustrated, she’d gotten out of the car.
She jumped.
He wanted to fly.
He wanted to lift her up in his arms.
2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100


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What is Depression?
Depression is a real illness that impacts the brain. Anyone suffering from depression will tell you, it’s not imaginary or “all in your head.” Depression is more than just feeling “down.” It is a serious illness caused by changes in brain chemistry. Research tells us that other factors contribute to the onset of depression, including genetics, changes in hormone levels, certain medical conditions, stress, grief or difficult life circumstances. Any of these factors alone or in combination can precipitate changes in brain chemistry that lead to depression’s many symptoms. info from the Univsersity of Michigan Mental Health


For more information about depression:

World Mental Health Day October, 10, 2015 – Dignity Mental Health Foundation
University of Michigan Depression Center – Mental Health


Make Magic Happen

Flash Fiction Sept.2015 - wpid-photo-20150921073220157The funeral was exactly the way my grandmother had wanted.

And, why wouldn’t it be?

She pre-paid and planned for it all before she died.

Always the forward-thinking woman, no one was going to be able to leave any details out.

The rose garden was to be her final resting place.

She’d say, “Where else would I want to be?”

“These roses have helped me create beautiful paintings that will live on in the homes of so many, long after I’m gone”.
Her garden was magical. She could grow just about anything.

I’m sure she’s looking down at us all and saying,“Pick up a paint brush and make magic happen”.
2015©Isadora DeLaVega


Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 113 words

Flash Fiction - wpid-photo-20150907210633006Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
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Love was like a River

Friday Fictioneers - boat.web

Gazing out, I realize this was our place.
We sat here by the river watching it flow, holding hands and confessing our hopes and dreams.
I remember when you said that love was like a river. You thought 
the river waters gush                                                                               created a surge like love with its’ many highs and lows.
Here by the river, my once empty days had been filled with love. You were my smile in the morning when I arose. You were the hug before I fell asleep.
What happened to us?
Where are those days of a love that flowed like a river?

2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Fiction

Word Count – 100 words

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