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Attitude & Point of View

When I rang in the New Year 2013 a year ago, I wanted to experience it with a manageable resolution. Generally, I don’t make resolutions because I’m always developing as a person both spiritually and emotionally plus resolutions can be limiting and create stress or disappointments for some people.

If I complete my resolution, do I wait until the next year to create a new resolution?

Should I create a new one?

Then, there are the incomplete ones, do I go back and complete them or move along and forget about them?

I didn’t finish the month of December. It was never written.

Although I didn’t manage to complete my goal, the great responses each month on my one word each month nurturing posts were encouraging. If you missed my resolution for 2013, it was to completely experience one word each month.

The words were:

January – Believe

February – Create

March – Imagine

April – Visualize

May – Clarity

June – Calm

July – Tranquility

August – Reflection

September – Breathe

October – Dream

November – Focus

December – Inspire

These were all very powerful words and required a great deal of contemplation and thoughtful introspection.

They motivate in the simplest of ways.

The words were inspiring for me; perhaps, you might like to use them as a guide for your nurturing year of 2014.

For my New Year 2014, I plan to

1. Reflect on the past year and consolidate the life lessons I’ve learned

2. Finish all unfinished business
3. Focus on my dreams and intentions
4. Break down my goals into manageable tasks
5. Keep refining my visions
6. Use failure and disappointments as valuable lessons                                                                                                                                          7. Celebrate my successes

Namaste,  Isadora

 2014© written by Isadora