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Friday Fictioneers – Jilted Lover

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He’ll never do this to another woman again. I fell for the outer trappings.
Tall, dark, with piercing green eyes that bulge out like beacons. The penthouse in Manhattan overlooking Central Park.

I fell for it all. What a fool I was.

Never again!

An office romance never works out. And my boss, no less.

What was I thinking. I lost him and my job.

He won’t get away with it. I’ll ruin him.
No one will suspect me. I’ve always had access to the files.
I’ll get to them, copy his business and personal information.

Then, call his wife.

2015©Isadora DeLaVega


Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100 Words

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Recent news reports about the hacking of a cheaters web-site influenced this story. Read more below:

CNN It must have been a panic attack weekend for Ashley Madison website customers wondering whether they were soon to be outed in the latest highly publicized breach of cybersecurity. The website openly facilitates adulterous relationships with the help of a sophisticated advertising campaign which promised discretion and security. Its name, “Ashley Madison,” is a clever blend of two particularly popular female names with a ring of class and elegance, aimed at attracting the married men who largely populated the site. Information©Paul Callan is a CNN legal analyst, a former homicide prosecutor and media law professor. He is “of counsel” to two law firms: Edelman & Edelman PC and Callan, Koster, Brady & Nagler LLP. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.