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One plus One = Two Graduations

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June is often thought of as the month for graduations. For me, it was the month of May.

Nadia with diploma.web

My granddaughter, Nadia, was the first with her high graduation right here in Florida. She will be attending the University of Miami studying Veterinarian medicine.

Her Mother, Nicole, graduated 1 week later in Albany, New York from the University of Albany. She graduated with honors with a double major in psychology.

It was a long road for my daughter to arrive at this pinnacle moment in her life. After a great many journey’s down a variety of paths, for the past 18 years, she rose above all of her adversities to accomplish this commendable honor.


It goes without saying that her father and I are extremely proud of her perseverance. She takes all of the credit for what she has accomplished. She attended school, worked, raised her daughter Nadia and her son Jeffrey, paid all of her school and life expenses as a single mother.

One week after graduation she began working at a facility that helps physically and mentally abused women.

It isn’t my personality to brag but in this case …. I am.


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