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Nurture Yourself – with your Inner Fire

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There are many people who aren’t living LIFE. Days come and go and they wait.

What and who they’re waiting for isn’t even known to them.

Something’s missing but they aren’t able to figure it out.

Are you sitting around waiting for your moment to shine?

Are you unable to hear what your voice is saying to you?

Are you submerged in panic and fear?

If you allow yourself to stay in your yesterdays you’ll lose the dreams you could achieve today.

Are waiting for tomorrow to make things perfect?

Has your body, mind and spirit checked out?
Awaken it !!!

With quiet contemplation, you can re-discover your inner voice. If you listen it will speak to you with fervor.

Today is the beginning of the new you. Rediscover your inner fire from where your voice once spoke to you. Banish negative thoughts and words. Be the person you’ve always known you could be. Don’t continue to make excuses about your
indecisions or why life is treating you wrongly. You have the answers. You’ve had them all along.

Search for that defining moment when you were confident in your voice. Make friends with it again. Be the unique
person you’ve always wanted to be; not the person who others have wanted you to be.

If you’re going to live a full life you have to discover your inner fire – your voice.
It’s your lifelive it!!!
2014©written by Isadora

Motivational Video “Finding Yourself”


To the question of your LIFE,
you are the only answer.
To the problems of your LIFE,
you are the solution.

written by Jo Coudart / Advice of a Failure

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