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Be Thankful

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I woke up early today. I was excited about everything I have to do for Thanksgiving. I look forward to the annual Macy’s Day Parade. It was a must see when I was growing up. Santa at the end of the parade meant Christmas wasn’t far behind.

Some may look at the preparations for the holidays as a burdensome time.
It can be.
There’s the holiday relatives seen only during this time of year with their drama suitcases.
There’s the crying kids that wanted a particular toy and didn’t get it.
There’s the hours spent in the kitchen preparing food and baked desserts. As a vegetarian, it’s difficult for me. Some people find my eating diet offensive. I can attest that I’ve experienced the rolling eyes when declining any animal served.

But, you can make your holidays stress free. Just remember what the holidays are supposed to be.
It’s a time of making memories and creating traditions.
It’s a time for people to visually see each other in person, not on a computer.
It’s a time to pass down recipes to youth for future celebrations.
It’s a time to remember how fortunate we truly are.

Surround yourself with people who walk in your same direction of peace and harmony.  All of us face pressures everyday, your task is to choose what kind of day you’re going to have.

Today, I chose to take some time to think about why I am ‘Thankful.’Lanai overlooking Lake  #1
I’m sitting on my lanai next to my pool overlooking a lake in a community deemed a bird and wildlife sanctuary.

I’m sipping my tea and feeling elated.

Bald eagles are majestically flying overhead. White egrets and gray herons are wading in the lake while enjoying small fish.

Birdhouses - Dayton ln. yardThe bird feeders that attract beautiful cardinals, hummingbirds, scrub jays and many other birds are strategically placed so I can view these visitors. They’re so happy to have these treats that they start to sing a serenade. They use the tap, tap, tapping of the woodpeckers on the trees as their rhythm.


Lake with tree reflections  # 2 signedThe shimmer of the sun shining on the lake is hypnotizing. It’s a peacefully tranquil place.
The silence is deafening. The visual enchanting.


I’m sitting among my orchids. They’re slowly awakening from their summer sleep.

The beauty of nature is exhilarating. I have many blessings.

Siesta Time - Version 2

Today, I could have grumbled about my ill health or I could rejoice that I’m alive and able to enjoy another day.
Today, I could have looked at my orchids and complained about their stalky roots or I could celebrate the beautiful blooms that will be rising from those barren roots.
Today, I could have complained about the household chores I have to complete or I could feel blessed that I have a shelter to provide me safety.
Today, I choose to be “Thankful” for having arrived at this little piece of paradise.
In my youth, I may have viewed this as dull and boring. I see it now as God’s summer residence that He’s instructed me to find and enjoy while He is busy.
Today stretches before me waiting to be shaped into the creation I choose to sculpt. I’ll decide what shape and form it will be. It will be as unique as me. It’s all up to me.
I am going to make it a GREAT day. I hope you will, too.
2015©Isadora DeLaVega

THANKFUL – Josh Groban