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Friday Fictioneers – Lean on Me

In the little chapel, Father Saldegloria announces the exchange of vows.

Mark turning to Sandy, begins:

Love of my life, I stand before you with an open heart. I dedicate myself to you, but most importantly, I ask you to lean on me. Lean on me for comfort, lean on me when you are down, lean on me when you’re sorrowful, yes, lean on me. 

Sandy turning to Mark, begins: 

 Chuckling, darling, you had to go to your favorite song, didn’t you?

As laughter broke free from the pews, they kissed and walked down the aisle to their new life.

2022©Isadora DeLaVega



Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 100

Photo Prompt:©AnneHiga

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*****Music: sung by Bill Withers-Lean On Me – The single, “Lean on Me” went to number one the week of July 8, 1972. It was written by Michael Schiffer.

*****This story is fiction except for the lil church which was called ‘The Chapel of St. Lucy of the Valley.’ It still holds fond memories for me. My parents were married there and all of  their five children were baptized as well. Father Saldegloria officiated my wedding and theirs 30 years prior.