Inside the Mind of Isadora


The Move

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They were packing to move overseas again.

They’d been in New Mexico for a less than a year.

He’d received his military orders the week before.

Each move, became more difficult to endure.

Why did they have to upset the children again?

They’d finally made friends.

Now, they’re packing again. It always broke her heart to tell them they couldn’t take all their toys or favorite books. There were weight limits on moving overseas. Four children could accumulate many things. Their sad faces would be more than she could bare.

What happened to their dreams?

There’d been many.

Plans they were going to focus on before they considered children.

But, things happen.

They were a blessings to her. She wasn’t sure if he felt the same. He was gone a lot. It was part of his secret service military career.

They’d had a good marriage.

She thought.

But, things happen.

2016©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 150


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