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Pondering from Mabel

Grandma Rockin'Pondering from Mabel ….

My young daughter, Tessa, found this very nice assisted living facility for me. Bless her heart. I have to admit I wasn’t happy about leaving the farmhouse Fred and I lived in for 40 years. Oh, this place is nice enough but there aren’t any memories here.
She said it would help take away some of her concerns about my safety. They thought of everything here. There is a dining hall, tennis courts, walking and bicycle paths, swimming pool, exercise facility plus arts and crafts. Each room in my place is equipped with buttons on the wall for emergencies. You know, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ buttons.

Tessa still calls and is fussing every day.

She wants to know if I’ve joined any groups.

Have I made any friends?

Am I pleased with the food they serve?

I think she’s a bit of a worrier.

The next time Tessa called I was ready. I told her I had thought about her concerns and decided to go over to that recreation center and sign up for something. I told her I had joined a group. She was tickled pink and wanted to know what it was.

I said, “It’s a skydiving group”.

“Mother, she exclaimed. You’re 84 years old. Why would you join a skydiving group? It’s dangerous. You can’t jump out of planes.”

Oh my, I said. And I’ve signed up for 7 lessons with this mile high club”.


I guess I’ve gone a little too far.


Into each life a little humor shall enter –
Mabel’s way

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Mabel    💗

***** FICTION: Mabel is a fictitious character I’ve created. Any similarities to anyone living ot otherwise is purely coincidental.