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An Inspiring Morning – Enchanting Spring

Flying Egret I.web‘On My Way’ – White Egret ©photography by Isadora
An Inspirational Morning – Enchanting Spring

It was a hazy misty morning when I went out to my lanai this early morning. The temperature was warm. I had gone outside to observe the vast nature that is my backyard before attempting my Tai Chi meditative exercises. I had been unable to do them outside because our temperatures have been a bit chilly. Our cold temperatures in Southern Florida during winter are the 60’s during the day and 40’s in the morning and at night. Now, we’re experiencing temperatures in the mid 70’s in the morning. Because of the warmer weather a great many birds returning from further south.

The break of day showcased a bald eagle majestically flying overhead. A white egret is wading in the water enjoying small fish. The bird feeders I’ve strategically placed on my spring blossoming orchid tree are starting to attract red cardinals, hummingbirds and scrub jays. I can hear tiny chirping from baby birds in the holly berry bush I planted a few years ago. They’re waiting for their daily feeding. It’s a view and sounds that never disappoint.

As the sun breaks through the midst, the water creates a shimmer on the lake. It’s hypnotically mesmerizing. It’s a tranquil peaceful place. It’s a time of quiet contemplation before the day ahead. I’m looking at my orchids that are still in bloom while others are forming buds for future blooms. Nature is slowly awakening with all of its’ beauty. I’m enraptured by the many blessings I have.

Today stretches before me waiting to be shaped into the creation I choose to sculpt deciding what shape and form it will be. It will be as unique as me. It is all up to me. I am going to make it a GREAT day. I hope you will, too, unless you have other plans.

Spring is truly in the air.

How do you Nurture Yourself at the break of day?

copyright2014©written by Isadora

Egret on Lake bank.webMorning Snack ©photography by Isadora

***** This morning I had my camera ready to snap anything that might be interesting. These are a few of the photos I was able to take. Paradise is in my own backyard.


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