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Nurture Yourself – by Being Amazing

Isadora Portrait A.webA Red-Header Day                                 Artist: Linda Molto

The Rules for being Amazing

Risk more than is required
Learn more than is normal
Be Strong
Show Courage
Speak your truth
Live your values
Adore Yourself
Release Mediocrity
Aim for genius
Stay humble
Be kinder than expected
Deliver more then is needed
Exude Passion
Shelter your limits
Transcend you fears
Dream but start small
Inspire others by your bigness
Act now
Don’t stop
Change the world

~~~ Robin Sharma ~~~

******* Portrait – ‘A Red-Header Day’ is a lithography, created as a surprise gift for me, by

Award Winning Artist Linda Molto.

There are only 32 of them of which the artist has #1 and I #2.

As of our last conversation, 25 had been sold.

For me, it was an honor to have been selected to be one of her subject matters.

The title refers to the bright orange-red hair I wore when I started exhibiting at art shows.

It was my branding for my dedicated customers to find me among the many artists exhibiting.

I hope the people who have purchased them are enjoying my image on their walls.

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