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Friday Fictioneers – At The Hospital

The medical staff was ready when the ambulance arrived at the Emergency entrance of the hospital. Medics flooded the doctors with the patients’ information. Then, they were off to the next medical call. 

Once stabilized and tested, the doctors diagnosed a concussion and a broken femur.

“Do you have any family?” they asked the disoriented patient.

“No family,” he mumbled.

One doctor asked a nurse, “Has his family been contacted?”

“No family,” he repeated.

“There’s good news about your condition.”  “Who should we call?”

“Sobbing,” he cried out.

“My family has died from the pandemic.” 

“This was a failed suicide.”

2020©Isadora DeLaVega


Word Count: 100

Genre: Flash Fiction

Photo Prompt:©SusanEames

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