Inside the Mind of Isadora


Friday Fictioneers – The Lie


The lawn chairs were rapidly filling spaces on the grass.

Shari looked down and focused on her book. She was hoping to disappear.
Maybe, no one would notice her. She hadn’t wanted to attend the concert.

“People will ask about you”, Bart raged. He was adamant about her going.
The seething fury in his eyes said it all.

She was startled back by a syrupy voice.

“Are you excited about Bart’s solo tonight? Marjorie asked.

“Sure she is”, Kathy mimicked Marjorie’s syrupy Southern drawl.
“Did you break your arm Shari, dear?”

“The dog,” Shari said meekly. “The dog tripped me”.



Genre – Fiction
Word Count – 100
PHOTO PROMPT – ©davidstewart

The challenge is to write a story in 100 words – beginning, middle and end.

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