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SPAM – SPAM – SPAM Thoughts

There’s been an abundance of SPAM sneaking around my computer.

Yes, they’re little snake-like creatures we can’t see. They create havoc of every imaginable kind. I have no clue on how they do it. I have a pretty good idea that no one else does, either. If they do know they’re keeping it quite hush-hush. 

It’s fascinating the way the computer repairman looks you straight in the eye and says, “These things just happen”. 


I felt like a cartoon character with a big question mark above my head. Aren’t Firewalls and web protection supposed to prevent these little villains? 

My computer froze on my homepage with what seemed like quite an official letter from the FBI. The letter read that I was in violation of paying my fines to them. If I didn’t submit $500.00 dollars to them I would be taken to federal prison. There was a drop down with the amount on it and directions on how to get this money to them. 

Well, my first thoughts were whether or not I had sent in the tax money that I owed good old Uncle Sam. As all good Americans, I had instructed our accountant to submit our business and home taxes and to pay the owed fees. 

After checking on all that, my second thought was that I could use a nice vacation with three hot meals, use of an extensive library, exercise room plus a television lounge room. Then, I got angry and thought that whoever was doing this was a creepy low life individual that has nothing to do except create chaos in my business and home life.

There were other SPAM messages from time to time like: 

  1. Dobrowolskiqkn, obviously, not a real name thinks that I should be working out with this new method of exercise called TRX. A bit excessive for someone my age.
  1. And it’s evident that, horny hot, has been peeking into my bedroom because he –she – it – seems to think they know what I might need to do to have a better sex life.
  1. Seemingly, Anita902, thinks that I must have severe back pain and a bit of a nervous condition as she has recommended I take some Ultram and Vicoden. Do they not know these prescriptions are addictive?
  1. Gaming Site- to play video games. I have no desire to play games. 
  1. Lottery Site – so as to gamble. My hard earned money taken away with foolishness. I’ll pass. 
  1. Hacker Site – to avoid computer hacking. HUH?
  1. Transsexual – Stripper XXX Site –   this left me speechless and with eyes that never wanted to see again. There was body parts showing that weren’t meant to be seen in public.  

I wish I could say that these SPAMS are funny but after a few 100 times of deleting them from my SPAM box it gets a bit old. In addition, when it takes over my computer and prevents me from running my business, I feel frustrated. 

I believe technology is important but something has to be done to prevent this from happening. 

Who do you think is doing this?

Who do you think should be preventing this? 

2018©Isadora DeLaVega


Wednesday Writing Prompt – Life with Technology: a blessing or curse

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Tech Fiction

Apple Smart iPhone S5 Gold - 61eJJ0+VXgL._SX425_

Tech Fiction

It was weird to be without a phone for two days. I didn’t realize how much I used it. My smart phone wasn’t charging. A problem, for sure. I decided to do some research.

I did what I always do when I’m not sure what to do.
I googled, ‘Where do I buy a battery for Apple Smart iPhone S5?’

The answer was the Apple store or Batteries Plus. I called both to check on pricing and whether or not they had them in stock. Both said, “Yes.”

Apple charges $119.99 while Batteries Plus charges $59.99. Since I don’t like over-paying for anything I chose Batteries Plus. But, first I thought I’d check the location where I had originally purchased the phone: Best Buy.

Best Buy Conversation

Jason: “May I help you”, very politely.

Me: “Yes, My phone isn’t charging. Do you sell batteries for the Apple Smart iPhone S5?”

Jason: “No. There is no way to change a battery on the Apple Smart iPhone S5. Do you have the phone with you?”

Me: “Yes, I do. However, I spoke to Apple this morning and they do have a replacement battery but the cost is a bit steep.”

Jason: “What Apple will do is exchange it for another S5 phone. The case has to be broken to get into the battery. They aren’t making S5 phones anymore. It may even be exchanged for a refurbished one. I’ve got a special going on now with the new Apple iPhone 6. I can show it to you.”

Me: “No. I don’t want the iPhone 6. It’s too large for my hands plus I have no intention of buying a new phone. This one works fine”.

Jason: “The iPhone 5 Se is the same size as your S5 but has the upgraded features of the iPhone 6.”

Me: “I don’t want a new phone. I want to fix this one.”

Jason: “This special we’re having is just for today. We don’t have the iPhone 5 Se in stock. You may need to wait a few weeks for us to get it in. You want to try the bigger phone. The size of the iPhone 6 is easy to get used to.”

Me: “Well, Jason … Thank you for your help. I’m going to have to absorb all of this information you’ve given me.”

Jason: “But, the special is for today only.”

Me; “I guess I’ll have to take the risk.”


I left the store a bit unnerved as he never acknowledged my lack of interest in purchasing a new phone. Then, I sat in my car and rationalized that he may be making a commission for his sales. So, I decided to go to Batteries Plus which was a short distance away.


Batteries Plus Conversation

Manager: “Hello, Can I help you?”, in an angry tone.

Me: “My phone isn’t charging. Do you sell batteries for the Apple Smart Phone S5?”

Manager: “Do you have the phone?”

Me: “Yes.” I hand it to him.

Manager: “I can’t take it out of the case.” He hands it back to me, nastily.

Me: “I can’t take it out of the case, either. The case has been on since I purchased the phone over 2 years ago. I haven’t the slightest idea how to remove it.”

Manager: “This is a waterproof / shock case. I’ve never removed one before. I can try but if it breaks it’s on you.”

Me: “Ummmm … OK, I guess.”


He removes the case and proceeds to tap the phones different apps and settings.


Manager: “Your phone has to be checked to make sure everything is working. What’s you password?”

Me: “Reluctantly, I tell him.”


He plays around with the phone. He puts it on a machine of some kind. He asks for my name and phones #.


Manager: “The external speaker isn’t working.”

Me: “Could it be because it doesn’t have a charge?”

Manager: “Abruptly, No!”


I was about to answer him but the store phone rings …. and rings …. and rings. Finally, he answers it. In a crabby voice he answers the phone question and hangs up.


Manager: “I hate working with kids.”


I was clueless. Suddenly, a scruffy haired young man comes from behind the store.


Manage: “You work here, don’t you?”

Young Man: “Yeah.”

Manager: “Then, try working by answering the phone.”


Harsh glances are exchanged. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, ‘Hello, customer here.’


Me: “Can you fix the battery? What about that external speaker? What would cause that to break since it was working yesterday?

Manager: “ I don’t know.”

Me: “ OK, then, how much is the external speaker?”

Manager: “$59.99.”

Me: “The total cost will be $59.99 for the battery – $59.99 for the external speaker plus tax?”

Manager: “Yes, sign here that you’ve left the phone for us to repair.”

Me: “Wait … that’s over $120.00 to fix my phone. I think I’d like to check my carrier ATT to see if they can exchange the phone for a new one as it might be less expensive.”

Manager: “You do whatever you want to do.”

Me: “Thank you for your time. Good-Bye.”


I left the store a bit unnerved again. I told myself he was having a hard day with his employee. I didn’t feel anyone wanted to fix my phone. I figured it must be outdated as repairs seemed to be a bother. I drove to my ATT carrier which was also nearby.


Att Conversation

Receptionist: “ Good afternoon, welcome to ATT. How can we help you today?”

Me: “My phone isn’t charging. Do you sell batteries for the Apple Smart iPhone S5?”

Receptionist: “Let me have, Lizette, one of our techs help you.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Lizette: “What can I help you with today?”

Me: “My phone isn’t charging. Do you sell batteries for the Apple Smart iPhone S5?”

Lizette: “Let me test it for you.”


She places my phone on an in-store charger. We wait a few minutes.


Lizette: “The phone is charging.”

Me: “Did you say the phone is charging?”

Lizette: “Yes. It went from 6% to 8% in just a few minutes.” Your charging plug must be damaged or the wire kinked up.”


Honestly, I stared at her like she had 2 heads. My mind was going through all of the previous conversations at the other locations. I was starting to get angry. But, she wasn’t at fault. Finally, my words came back …


Me: “Lizette, you’re an angel. Thank you. Can I get a new charging plug for the phone? And, is the external speaker working?”

Lizette: “Yes, the external speaker and the phone itself is working fine. Of course, you can get a charger, we have them in stock. They’re $19.99 plus tax.”

Me: “I’ll take one, please. In the event that it doesn’t charge when I get home can I bring it back and talk to you about a new phone?”

Lizette: “Yes. But, I have checked everything on your phone. You shouldn’t have any problems.”

Me: “Lizette, you have been extremely helpful. I can’t thank you enough.”


I went home. I placed the new charger on my phone. My phone is perfectly fine. Obviously, I’m not a computer tech. I rely on the expertise of those who are trained in this field. I think it’s unfortunate that they can take advantage people and we can’t do anything about it. However, I will be dropping a letter to these 2 companies. Perhaps, it will prevent someone else from this experience. And, I will be sending a complimentary letter to Att for Lizette’s good customer service.

Sounding Off …

2016©Isadora DeLaVega