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Never Deprive Children



My grandson graduated from Kindergarten last weekend. Sitting in the audience were his mother, father, step-mother and step-sister. They watched proudly and peacefully together as one unit. No, they aren’t the normal family. The normal family of mother, father and siblings has morphed drastically over the years.

As parents to this sweet little boy, they knew this was a special day for him. His mother and father wanted to show their pride and support for his accomplishment. Their number one priority was their son.


Nicole & Jeffrey

They wanted him to feel he’s loved equally by both. They show respect to the other parent. They communicate with each other and don’t use their son as a pawn. It’s difficult. But, when you put your child first your feelings just don’t seem that important. When you see a big smile on a child’s face that say, “I am loved.” There’s no need to say anything else.

IMG_2834Nicole, Jeffrey and Father *****


Divorce or separation is an emotionally exhausting experience. Two people who met, fell madly in love and vowed they would be together forever are now enemies. Divorce and separation pits two people against each other. It’s as if a letter arrived in the mail saying, “Time to get out of here and fast before the bombs arrive.”

No one can answer the question, “Why?”

It happens. The two people involved are the only ones who know.

But, what about the children?

They are the silent victims. They can’t speak their minds.  Or, can they? In this video this a six year old little girl gives her mom a wake up call as she is saying a great deal.


Divorce and separation is an adult issue. Don’t deprive your child or children of the love of the other parent because of issues you have with them. They will always hold you responsible for their loss of love.

2016©Isadora DeLaVega


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***** Although no longer together, they manage to keep their personal feelings aside as shown in the 3rd. photo.


Remember and Return to Me

Woman - depature - bluebell My eyes lookout at the nights sky. It’s colors changing from charcoal darkness to a petal pink dawn. The stillness of the whispers of the night murmur softly. Sails awash, as the waves are gently slicing through the serene water as the surf rushes in. Calm cerulean breakers with whitecaps will soon carry you to me.

All the things that passed unnoticed between us are unimportant to the pieces of our lives. They’re insignificant gathered dust at my feet. The yearning of more of what I never knew existed is wrenching at my heart with a longing desire. A simple kiss of affection never stirred my soul into response.

Now, your nonexistence is pulling me apart.

Thinking love was just a phrase never worthy of my mention. But the lingering remembrances of tender moments fill my mind today. The warm morning mist upon my face brings the tender feeling of your gentle stroke. I need you to return to me and hold me always near.

Who do you love? The sea or me.

Let me reveal that I love you.

I hope you can hear the whispers of my heart. Whatever winds will take us, as we go along our way. I know that we will find new enchantments each and every day.

In quiet moments, my thoughts begin to recall the memories of those days when you were home; here by my side. I linger tenderly on yesterday, a time that I had tucked away in places so unknown. I contemplate on what could have been-then scold myself for remembering.

A softly ticking mantle clock you loved to wind sits waiting; its’ hands still of time. A reminder of fervent memories of days before you went to sea and left behind a love you thought would never be. Pieces of daybreak interrupt the serenity of the surrounding air. Morning din slices through the spreading patterns of those waves. It’s just enough to swing and sway your ship homeward bound closer to the cove. I’ll have no fears of your return for now. We will be one.

Your ship is drifting closer. I watch the sails wafting in the calm breeze. Seeing your arrival seems like a delusion of a dream. I fear my awakening. The stillness begins to surround me with a serene tranquility.

The lighthouse is your guiding light for your voyage home. I’ve waited for you to come back with my eyes dark and sullen. My heartaches are leaden with sorrow and grief.

I couldn’t envision that you would come home to me once more. My heart is crying you will remember the caresses we had before. If you return, beloved, my spirit will never falter again. The distance and the vastness of our time apart was more than I could grasp. A life that would be shattered I cannot conceive of anymore. All the pain and heartache has torn my emotions in half. I hope you are remembering the love we had in the past. My arms are waiting eagerly for your return home.

2015©written by Isadora


“Dying Embers of our Love”

Face - rose and tear

There was a time when things were different. You remember – don’t you???

It all happened in college. I was walking on campus with my girlfriend and you shouted something at us.

We turned.

Your colorfully bright shirt triggered a blinding glare. The sun bounced off the crimson fiery shades naturally worn by my pet Macaw. Red was your color. A sizzling burning cloak you wore so well.

What happened to our heated passion?

The days you when nothing and no one could come between us.

I’m standing before you and can’t understand your venom.

We’d grown apart.


The days of growing old together were a distant memory.

I never wanted it to be like this.

I can’t keep myself from remembering those campus days.

When did it change?

When did we change?

I could see your eyes were filled with hatred as you walked away.

You swore revenge.

You shouted, “An eye for an eye”, while an outstretched arm mimicked a sword.

There was malice in your voice.

I knew we had slowly drifted apart.

How could you hold such rancor and bitterness for what had become so clear?

The resplendent love that emanated from us used to make the whole world go blind.

The dying embers of our love have, now, gone out.

When we kissed and parted that night, I knew, we would never meet again.

You walked away.

I was left with my cloak of memories.

Copyright 2014 © written by Isadora
Fiction Short Story written for this challenge.


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