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Smile – After all – tomorrow is another day

After all, tomorrow is another day

When you feel so weak

And things look bleak

Tomorrow is another day


When you’re so blue

And don’t know what to do

Tomorrow is another day


When things go wrong

And you don’t feel strong

Tomorrow is another day


When your body says, “No”

But you don’t want to let go

Tomorrow is another day


When the sun starts to set

And fear the day is gone, be strong,

After all, tomorrow is another day

2018©Isadora DeLaVega


Sunday Song – Jazz Tunes

 Images on the videos are exceptional … enjoy this weeks Jazz tunes …

The blues tells a story in itself. It can make you happy or give you a feeling to swing.

Etta James and B.B. King – There’s Something on Your Mind

paintings by Artist Amanda Cass

LOVE : the way to LOVE anything deeply is to realize it may be lost to you one day.

John Coltrane  &  Johnny Hartman     My One and Only You

paintings by Puerto Libre 

Smile – for it takes less muscles to smile than frown

Madeleine Peyroux – Smile

paintings by Puerto Libre


Karaoke Smile

“Katy Sue is next and will be singing ‘Crazy’ by Pasty Cline,” the DJ announced.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. They always did.

When was she going to be rid of these nervous feelings?

But, she got up from her bar stool and started making her way up to the stage.

She had to walk past that bar fly. He was a permanent fixture there and a creepy boar.

He grabbed her arm and gave her his yellow toothed smile. She cringed.

“Take it away Katy Sue,” the Dj said.

She put on the smile.

Katy Sue loved the stage.

2014©written by Isadora


The prompt this week for the 100 word challenge from Julia’s Placethe smile