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Nurture Yourself – In a Peaceful Place

Sunset with beach chairs.webA Peaceful Place

To sit in peaceful contemplation

And feel our heart beat

Brings peace and calming sensations

Each day our feet must wander

Our course set for stars above

For our journeys’ long and arduous

The world lies ahead of me

Just like the moon above

Copyright 2014© written by Isadora

                    If we can look back on our day, reflect and write in our journal an entry that goes like this –

                 Today, I give ‘THANKS’ for ___________________________

                Today, I succeeded in _______________________________

              – we would appreciate how far we’ve gone from that moment when we arose that morning.





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“After all, tomorrow is another day”

Kiss from a Winters' Night.web          Kiss from a Winter’s Night                 © photography by Isadora

“After all, tomorrow is another day”

When you feel so weak
And things look bleak
Tomorrow is another day

When you’re so blue
And don’t know what to do
Tomorrow is another day

When things go wrong
And you don’t feel strong
Tomorrow is another day

When your body says, “No”
But you don’t want to let go
Tomorrow is another day

When the sun starts to set
And fear the day is gone, be strong,
After all, tomorrow is another day

copyright 2014 – © written by Isadora