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While on vacation in Grenada, we decided to drive around downtown which can be a challenge. Suddenly, I was overcome by the sight of a man sitting on the sidewalk.

“Stop”, I shouted.

Startled, my husband stopped the car assuming he was going to hit something or someone he hadn’t seen.
I said, “Look”, while pointing to this man. “Please!” “You must find a place to park”.

He drove a bit and found a parking spot.

Since we were unfamiliar with the downtown area we had to walk several streets in search of where the man had been.

I thought I should purchase one of those shells he was selling since he looked like he was in need of a sale.

Eventually, we found him.

He was unaware I was standing next to him until I said, “Hello, I see you have some shells for sale”.
Tear filled hazy eyes glared at my face. I felt sucked in by his sadness. He was dirty with a profound odor of the unsanitary kind. It was the type of odor you knew was from a lack of any type of facilities. Yet, I felt compelled to talk to him. In one hand he had a cup of rum; the other hand held a blunt, doobie, marijuana joint. Drugs!

After briefly talking about his shells, I told him, “I noticed he was drinking and smoking marijuana at this early morning hour”. It was 10:00 a.m.

He said, “There’s no set time for me to kill my pain”.

I didn’t dare ask what his sorrow was. I asked, “Does it help your pain?”

No words were said. Just a tilt of the head in my direction with a curved smile that led me to believe he didn’t think I’d understand.

We spoke for a short time.

I handed him the money for the shell with a little extra. I recommended he use it for food or shelter. I told him to keep the shell so he could sell it to someone else.

As I began to walk away, he took another puff from his big sweet scented herb and shouted, “Pretty Lady” …

I turned.

He continued, “Someday, when you get to heaven say hello to my angel. I know you’ll meet her there. Tell her, I’ll be with her before long”.

copyright©written by Isadora

***** Kindness is loving people more than they deserve *****

*****Grant that we may not so much seek to be consoled as to console
to be understood as to understand***** Saint Francis of Assisi

Definition of Broken: forcibly separated into two or more pieces; fractured. incomplete; being in a state of disarray; disordered;

Street Life/Slice of Life: A photojournalistic photograph, camera as observer.

Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

34 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Encounters like that make you wonder…about chance encounters, what his story is, the short but powerful connection of two people in that moment.


    • You’ve pointed out some thought provoking questions. I wondered what his story was too. He wasn’t that open to discuss details. But, I believe he had a great loss of someone he adored. He had no issue with his life or the way he is living it. I think another indication of his loss. The nurturer in me wanted to rseach out and touch him in some way even if it was just to notice him.
      I gained a great deal from the interaction that day, as well. Perhap,s I will write about that one day.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Naomi. It was a thoughtful one.


  2. Great pic … but the story is even better.


  3. Superb capture Isadora. Your sensitivity and compassion shines through in your narrative.


  4. I don’t know how I missed this but I’m so glad you linked back to it Issy!


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  6. what a story Isadora…all too often people judge without knowing the basic truth behind someone’s tale…it makes my heart soar that you looked past the facade


    • Thanks, Jo. Having had this experience on vacation helped us to appreciate our lives so much more when we returned home again. My Dad taught me to look at all people equally no matter what their circumstance, religion or color. I do so without forethought.


  7. A very moving story. Unfortunately there are so many people in this world, condemned to live in poverty, hunger, thirst, disease. We may believe that they are sacrificed for us – for us to understand, to be grateful for all we have, to have feelings of compassion and dedication and not ever turn your back to the needy, because they are our brothers and always remember that before God we are all equal.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Isadora! 🙂


    • Your words have so much truth to them. We have lost our sense of kindness
      towards others who have misfortunes. We’re too quick to judge based on outward
      appearances. It’s true, he was the extreme but there are many who are in need and
      don’t always show it visibly.
      I always appreciate your stopping by and commenting Stefania. You have a GREAT week !!!
      Isadora xo


  8. My son is hoping to get a prescription card for mari…for his pain…he died and came back after a tragic accident…they had to repair just about everything in his body. They can’t do much for the pain. What I’m trying to say is, you never know.


  9. Such a touching story and great shot Issy. Yes, we should be grateful for what we have. This lost soul clearly lost his way and love. Thanks for sharing. 😀


  10. A very moving story, Issy. I’m sure that poor man was so surprised that someone had taken the time to show some interest and compassion towards him. Bless you. xx


    • Most people just walked on by and didn’t give him a second look. It isn’t surprising since his uncleanliness would keep you moving. But, he seemed really sad. At times, simple word can help heal a broken heart. Who hasn’t had a moment of deep sadness and needed a gentle word?


  11. Thanks! I’m sitting in a coffee shop with tear filled eyes after reading this. I feel guilty for being able to afford going out for coffee. There are so many needy people on the streets and at almost every corner of our town. Last Christmas we spent driving around and giving whatever money we had to whoever we found. But it can’t only be a once a year event. The people who are homeless have their own pain every day of the year.


    • I’m pleased you were able to appreciate the deeper meaning of my story. Sometimes,
      we don’t want to see the heartache and the pain of others.
      When life is good to us we can give back to others in some small way. It can bring
      us as much joy as giving something to ourselves.
      We adopt a family for Christmas and provide them with the ingredients to make
      their holiday meal in addition to gifts for the members of the family.
      Most churches can provide names. In my town, many elder seniors are abandoned
      in nursing home with no one visiting. Years ago seniors were revered
      because of their knowledge. Oh, how our society has changed. Thanks for stopping
      by and commenting.


  12. That is such a touching story, Namastel. “…when you get to heaven….”
    Love the quote!


  13. Ah, my dear Isadora, what a kind gesture. Sometimes all it takes is noticing someone. We rarely use our inner sight and it’s a shame… I know that this little dialogue you had, brightened both your day. Big big smile and hug.


    • Talking to him was sad but it made me appreciate my life so much more.
      This situations should help us in that way. At times, we can take for granted
      our many blessings. Encounters like this one bring us back to the reality of
      Thank you for reading, enjoying and commenting on my story, Marina.
      I’m happy you found it inspiring.


  14. You’ve a kind husband who’d turn the car around for you. Most people wouldn’t take the time to stop for someone in need. I’m so glad you did. Thank you so much for sharing the story and photo!


    • Your very welcome, Kay. We need to observe what is going on around us more.
      There are many who need a helping hand but unless we see something like the
      man in the photo we turn a blind eye.
      Yes … my hubby is a kind hearted man.
      I’m so very pleased you found my story to be inspiring and interesting.


  15. Such a humane piece, Isadora.


  16. Very inspiring story Izzy. Full of admiration and it is a shame many of us cannot be the same. A heart of gold. 😉


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