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Nurture Yourself – Be a Free Spirit

Isadora Duncan - 98abd2eed401235c73828ecc80fe5ecd

Dancing is very freeing. Many people believe that
you must follow certain guidelines to be a dancer.

Isadora Duncan believed in an unrestrained style of dance.
She’s been credited with moving dance away from strict formal structures
towards more free-flowing forms of personal expression.

Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan – Solo (Tamara Rojo, The Royal Ballet)

The free spirit that was Isadora Duncan was tragically silenced

when she was killed in a terrible car accident at Nice on the Riviera, France.

The eccentric, world famous, dancer and pioneer of a new style of progressive dance was killed.

During a test drive for a car she was interested in purchasing,

her Spanish shawl was caught in the mechanism of the front wheel of her car.

A devastating ending to a forward thinking dance artist.


Let your inner dance spirit come out to play.

Be in your own dance world.
In Love and Light ….
2016©Isadora DeLaVega

I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of Love, and of Truth,
of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me.
We are One.


Becca from On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea
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Peaceful Sanctuary

Colombia - La Popa Court yard.web‘La Popa’ Church Courtyard – Cartagena, Colombia

Bright azure skies,
crimson flowers.
A peaceful spot
to sit for
hours and hours.

Soft, muted moments
to gather calm,
in restful simplicity.

An unobtrusive sanctuary,
on a summer afternoon.
A painting
for our eyes
to glimpse upon.

2016©Isadora DeLaVega


Daily Post – Sanctuary

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Sunday Song – They Say It’s Your Birthday

Isadora Birthday Swim.web

Today, I’m adding a song about celebrating birthday’s.

I’ve been celebrating the entire month of July even though my birthday

is officially on July 20th.

It’s my special day. No one can take it from me. I’m special on that day.

So, I shall be a bit self-indulgent and add the great Beatles Song:

They Say It’s Your Birthday (Beatles Birthday Remix)

Yes, that’s me in my pool.

Yes, I wear a hat to shade my skin from the sun.

Yes, I wear sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive to the sun.

Yes, I wear water shoes because I don’t like to walk bare footed.

Yes, I’m wearing a sun reflective shirt to keep the UV rays from burning my skin.

Yes, I do doggie paddle swim but prefer sitting under the waterfall.

Just a bit about the “Birthday Girl.”

2016©Isadora DeLaVega


Age is strictly a case

of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind,

it doesn’t matter.

©Jack Benny



Sunday Song – Carlos Santana

carlossantana[1]The first time I heard Carlos Santana he was playing ….. Maria Maria

Influenced by his Latin roots, Carlos Santana is an award winning Hall of Fame guitarist and rock bandleader. H’s been active in the blues and pop song culture for over 40 years.
Santana was born in Autlan de Novarra, Mexico on my birthday July 20, 1947.
His sound is powerful and transports the listener to unimagined heights.

His newest song/video is a collaboration with Jaunes called ‘La Flaca’.

Santana – La Flaca ft. Juanes


Photo - juanes

Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez was born August 9, 1972. He’s better known as Juanes.

It’s a contraction of his first and second name. He is a Colombian musician who was

a member of the Acoustic Rock band Ekhymosis and is now a solo artist. info:wikipedia


La Flaca Lyrics

En la vida conoci mujer igual a la flaca
Coral negro de La Habana
tremendisima mulata
Cien libras de piel y hueso
40 kilos de salsa
y en la cara los soles
que sin palabras hablan.
que sin palabras hablan.
La flaca duerme de dia
dice que asi el hambre engana
cuando cae la noche
baja a bailar a la tasca
Y bailar y bailar
y tomar y tomar
una cerveza tras otra
pero ella nunca engorda,
pero ella nunca engorda.
Por un beso de la flaca
daria lo que fuera
por un beso de ella
aunque solo uno fuera.


Nurture Yourself – A Parable – the Guests


I read this parable about Love. It’s insightful. It’s touching. The ending has a profound lesson.

Perhaps, because of all the recent events in the news, we need to focus on Love again.

For those of you who grew up without the nurturing of love

and who are seekers of fulfilling those nurturing years without love I wish you to

Imagine Love and all you can be.
Imagine Love and all you want to be.
Imagine Love and all you are.
2016©Isadora DeLaVega

Soothing meditative music for you to listen to while reading this parable …. Namaste, Isadora

The Guests

A woman was in her garden, when she saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them.
She said, “I do not know you. Are you hungry? Please come in and have something to eat.”
“Is the man of the house home?”
“No,” she replied. “He’s out”.
“Then we cannot come in,” they replied.


In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened.
“Go tell them I am home and invite them to come in!”
The woman went out and invited them in.
“We do not go into a house together,” they replied.
“Why is that?” she asked.
One of the old men explained: “His name is Wealth, he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing another, His name is Success, and I am Love.”
Then he added, “Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you would like to come in.”


The woman went in and told the husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed.
“How nice!” he said. “Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth!”
His wife disagreed. “My dear, why don’t we invite Success?”
Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the room. She jumped in with her suggestion: “Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with Love!”


Let us heed our daughter-in-law’s advice,” said the husband to the wife. “Go out and invite Love to be our guest.”
The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, “Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest.”
Love got up and started walking to the house. The other 2 got up and followed him, too.
Surprised, the woman asked Wealth and Success, “Why are you coming in? I only invited Love.”


The old men replied: “If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would have stayed out, but you invited Love.
Wherever he goes, we go with him.
Wherever there is Love, there is Wealth and Success!!!!”


I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of Love, and of Truth,
of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me.
We are One.


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Daily Prompts – Guest


A Cops Wife Lament


The news flashed the words ‘Five Officer Killed and Seven Hospitalized.’ A shot to my stomach that took my breath away was my first response. This was happening in Dallas, Texas USA. But, it could’ve been happening in any town where I live or throughout the states.

Why was my response so intense?

Because it’s the news that no family member of a police officer wants to hear. Whether you’re the wife, the mother, the father or a close relative; these words are the last thing you want to hear. They’re the words you live with every day. You repeat them over and over in your mind. They’re the words you repeat to yourself in hopes that when the knock comes to your door you’re prepared to hear them. You never are.

How does this happen?

I’m sure when those officers left for work that morning the last thing on their minds was that they wouldn’t return home that night. This is an unbearable tragedy for all of the families of the fallen officers to have to live with for the rest of their lives. The shooter was killed with a bomb sent into the location with a robot. But, the memory of the incident will live on in the minds of the families stricken that day.


As the wife of a man who wore his NYPD Blue uniform proudly, these are the things we have to endure daily. When your husband, father of your children, walks out the door you never know if he’ll return home safe and whole.

Why do they do it?

They hope that they’re the ones who are going to clean up the mess that’s on the streets. Growing up in the ghetto streets of one Brooklyn neighborhood, my husband was exposed to daily police visits. Domestic violence, burglaries, thefts, carjackings and murder were all part of what he saw as a child and teen.
He viewed the police officers, who came to keep peace in his neighborhood, as the cowboys with the white hats. He thought they were the ones who kept his neighborhood safe. He wanted to do that when he grew up too.

When he was accepted into the department; he never worked in good neighborhoods. He worked in places called Fort Apache or Brooklyn South. He worked undercover and with subversive organizations trying to infiltrate among them to gather information that might help clean up the miscreants that endangered innocent people trying to live decent lives in neighborhoods just like his. He earned his Medal of Valor, his Awards of Merits and far too many commendations to list. But, all with a price attached.


I recall the day I had the knock on my door. The one I thought I was prepared for. I was not. The uniformed police sergeant and his partner stood at my door like bronze figures. No words were needed to be said. I knew. I heard nothing. Their mouths moved but my ears heard nothing.

They said I was supposed to go with them.

I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

I had 3 small children, all under 10 years old, and no one to care for them.

My heart was torn apart. I couldn’t think. They handed me the information and left.
I wanted to curl up in a ball and never open my eyes.

I did.

Then, my daughters were all crying and it brought me back to reality. I had to be strong. I had to make decisions. I had to stop thinking about how I felt and get on with the things I had to do.


I had just moved to this neighborhood. It was 1 ½ hours away from the hospital where my husband had been taken.

When we’d found the house we wanted, I had concerns about how far it was from his precinct. He’d assured me that the drive wouldn’t be a bother. He had convinced me that it was the best thing for our family. He said, “You’ll be far away from all the bad guys I capture.” They usually harm the families. You’ll be safe. It would be a big adjustment but it made sense. After all, he was a warrior when he was out on the street. He would and did make lots of enemies.


Both of our families were in Brooklyn or out of state.

I had made a new friend when my middle daughter started kindergarten. She was the only person I could think of to call.

It was midnight but I was desperate.

I called.

She came over immediately to take care of my children.

I left.


My life changed from that day forward. My husband was in a wheel chair. I was no longer just taking care of children. There was an adult who needed me too.

There were doctor appointments, physical therapy and lots and lots of medications to pick-up and monitor.

He was told he’d never walk again. The bullet was never removed. It was too dangerous to be removed surgically because of where it was. It was left where it was with the possibility that it could move and travel to places it shouldn’t go. They would be scrutinizing its location to monitor where it was traveling. It was a grim diagnosis to hear.

But, I was married to the man with the white hat. The hero in the story. They always end up on the right side of life and the law.

He was going to prove their diagnosis wrong.

He was going to walk and be whole again.

And, he did.

2016©Isadora DeLaVega

Sky grey clouds-saying.web


Nurture Yourself – You Are Never Alone

Your are never alone.
And you already belong.
You belong to humanity.
You belong to life.
You are this moment,
the breath.
©jon kabat-zinn

Never Alone – Lady Antebellum (with lyrics on screen)


I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of Love, and of Truth,
of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me.
We are One.

Becca from On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea
hosts Nurturing Thursday every week.

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***** artwork and photograph©Isadora De La Vega


Reflection on the Lake

Lake with tree reflections -2 signedReflection on the Lake


Nature is painting for us… day after day… pictures of infinite beauty


Have a ‘Reflection’ you’d like to share?

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June Theme: ‘Reflection’
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***** Reflectiona reflection can be the image that you see that is a mirror-image of something.


Never Deprive Children



My grandson graduated from Kindergarten last weekend. Sitting in the audience were his mother, father, step-mother and step-sister. They watched proudly and peacefully together as one unit. No, they aren’t the normal family. The normal family of mother, father and siblings has morphed drastically over the years.

As parents to this sweet little boy, they knew this was a special day for him. His mother and father wanted to show their pride and support for his accomplishment. Their number one priority was their son.


Nicole & Jeffrey

They wanted him to feel he’s loved equally by both. They show respect to the other parent. They communicate with each other and don’t use their son as a pawn. It’s difficult. But, when you put your child first your feelings just don’t seem that important. When you see a big smile on a child’s face that say, “I am loved.” There’s no need to say anything else.

IMG_2834Nicole, Jeffrey and Father *****


Divorce or separation is an emotionally exhausting experience. Two people who met, fell madly in love and vowed they would be together forever are now enemies. Divorce and separation pits two people against each other. It’s as if a letter arrived in the mail saying, “Time to get out of here and fast before the bombs arrive.”

No one can answer the question, “Why?”

It happens. The two people involved are the only ones who know.

But, what about the children?

They are the silent victims. They can’t speak their minds.  Or, can they? In this video this a six year old little girl gives her mom a wake up call as she is saying a great deal.


Divorce and separation is an adult issue. Don’t deprive your child or children of the love of the other parent because of issues you have with them. They will always hold you responsible for their loss of love.

2016©Isadora DeLaVega


Daily Post – Deprive
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***** Although no longer together, they manage to keep their personal feelings aside as shown in the 3rd. photo.


Sunday Song – In the Summertime

Pelicans---Just-Hangin'Partners in summertime fun.
These two pelicans are resting
after eating the catch of the day.
Happy Summer …!!!


Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime – Good sound


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