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Friday Fictioneers – Remorse


It was a cloudy overcast day. A cool breeze blew as Bobby looked down at Jimmy. 

“Hi, Jimmy,” he said in a low voice. 

“Where did these huge boulders and rocks come from?”

Silence surrounded the space between them. 

“I’m sorry, Jimmy”. 

We were two young college kids. It was Spring Break. We all thought it would be fun to drive down to the beach. It was wild when the girls arrived. What a surprise! 

I never thought it would get out of hand. 

Bobby placed a rose on his tombstone; forgive me. 

I should never have been driving drunk.

2022©Isadora DeLaVega



Genre:Flash Fiction

Word Count: 100

Photo Prompt:©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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**********Spring Break is in full swing here in Florida. The beaches are packed shoulder to shoulder with teens celebrating. The drinking has gotten so bad in South Miami that the bars have a 6:00 pm last call on drinks and a midnight curfew has been issued by the county commissioners.

Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Remorse

  1. Querida Isadora,

    Hay demasiados historias reales como esta. Muy triste. Bien escrita mi amiga.

    Shalom y abrazos,


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  2. Well-written story about a terrible tragedy.

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  3. What a tragedy. You had me intrigued about the characters’ lack of interaction, and the reveal at the end was a big surprise.

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    • I don’t go to cemeteries to see family because they’re far away but I like photographing tombstones and cemeteries. Often, I can hear people speaking to their loved ones. I find it interesting that they believe they’re being heard. Thanks Margaret for reading and commenting on my story. Your words are always appreciated.
      Isadora 😎

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  4. i feel sorry for him. it’s sad to lose a friend like that.


  5. Sad story, Isabella. I didn’t expect the ending but it explained why Jimmy didn’t answer when Bobby spoke to him.

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  6. Such a sad story, but it happens all the time. I can’t imagine the guilt.

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    • Teens don’t realize the consequences that can occur when drinking and driving. Once my girls could drive, I cringed each time they left the house. I wasn’t a fan of sleep-overs but better that then drinking and getting on the road. They all do it even the goody goodies …. Thanks for the read and comment, Isadora 😎


  7. So often you read about this. The pain and guilt must ben horrendous.

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    • It’s in the news alot lately because of Spring Break from school. Teens travel to Florida for Spring Break and try to break the records for how much they can drink. There are curfews and bars do not serve alcohol after 6pm in South Miami Beach. Sadly, when something happens, they have to live with it. Thanks for reading, Sandra. I appreciate it.
      Isadora 😎


  8. A poignant story Isadora

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  9. A too often real story. Sad, but well told, Isadora.

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  10. I’m glad I’m not in Florida right now by the sound of it. A harsh lesson to learn for them.

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    • I suppose all teens drink and drive but they don’t realize the consequences. I live in a sleepy town. But, somehow they’ve discovered our beach. We actually have to wait a week for rhem to leave. It’s getting really bad. YUP … Spring Break is not good. Thanks for stopping by, Iain. It’s always appreciated. Isadora 😎

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  11. I liked how you made the stones tombstones

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