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Story of a Broken Man


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While on vacation in Grenada, we decided to drive around downtown which could be quite a challenge. Suddenly, I was overcome by the sight of a man sitting on the sidewalk.

“Stop,” I shouted.

Startled, my husband stopped the car assuming he was about to hit something or someone he hadn’t seen.

I said, “Look,” while pointing to this man. “Please!” “You’ve got to find a place to park.”

He drove a bit and found a parking spot.

Since we were unfamiliar with the downtown area, we had to walk several streets in search of where the man had been.

I thought I should purchase one of those shells he was selling since he looked like he was in need of a sale.

Eventually, we found him.

He was unaware I was standing next to him until I said, “Hello, I see you have some shells for sale.”

Tear filled hazy eyes glared at my me. I felt sucked in by his sadness. He was dirty with a profound odor of the unsanitary kind. It was the type of odor you knew was from a lack of any type of facilities. Yet, I felt compelled to talk to him. In one hand he had a cup of rum; the other hand held a blunt, doobie, marijuana joint. Drugs!

After briefly talking about his shells, I told him, “I noticed he was drinking and smoking marijuana at such an early morning hour.” It was 10:00 a.m.

He said, “There’s no set time for me to kill my pain.”

I didn’t dare ask what his sorrow was.

I asked, “Does it help your pain?”

No words were said. Just a tilt of the head in my direction with a curved smile that led me to believe he didn’t think I’d understand.

We spoke for a short time.

I handed him the money for the shell with a little extra. I recommended he use it for food or shelter. I told him to keep the shell so he could sell it to someone else.

As I began to walk away, he took another puff from his big sweet scented herb and shouted, “Pretty Lady” …

I turned.

He continued, “Someday, when you get to heaven, say hello to my angel. I know you’ll meet her there. Tell her, I’ll be with her before long.”

2018©written by Isadora


~ Kindness is loving people more than they deserve ~

Grant that, we may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console,
to be understood, as to understand … Saint Francis of Assisi



*****Definition of Broken: forcibly separated into two or more pieces; fractured. incomplete; being in a state of disarray; disordered;

**** I received the Bronze Award for a: Street Life/Slice of Life: A photojournalistic photograph, camera as observer.

*****This story was originally posted in February, 2014 

Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

19 thoughts on “Story of a Broken Man

  1. Heart touching story Isadora. Thank you sharing it.

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    • Your very welcome, Rupali. It was sad to see someone in such a down-and-out situation. It makee us aware of how vulnerable we are as human beings. Compassion filled the space as we spoke. I hope he was able to receive it. Thank you for enjoying my experience.
      Isadora 😎

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  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    that saint Francis of Assisi—–Wise because God was in him!


  3. Both a sad and beautiful story Isadora. I wonder what he has, beyond a broken heart, that the Marijuana helps the pain so much. It does have wonderful uses medically speaking, both from smoking and in a dissolvable pill form made from the oil.

    It helps with pain and feeling nauseous if a person, say with cancer or terrible arthritis, or whatever can’t eat or needs pain relief. There’s also pretty solid evidence that it helps some people, reducing tumour growth.

    My friend who has cancer takes it to help her eat and also b/c it has aided her tumours in not growing. Her Grandpa who in his late-seventies suggested it. He overcame cancer years back. But the Marijuana keeps recent new tumours are at bay. So for him, they don’t grow to dangerous levels. Apparently, there is more benefit to smoking it, and at his age, he isn’t concerned about his lungs. My friend though is happy with the result of dissolvable oil capsul under her tongue, that does not make her high or mean she has to smoke it. She has in her younger days, but she is mom who wants to set a good example for her toddler, despite her cancer.

    They are legalizing Marijuana here, but a big focus is on making it less available to minors and young adults as it can effect their brains as such young ages when they smoke recreationally. Especially, with prevailent mental health uses and young men abs women still growing in some form until 25 or so, this worries me,

    However, a good part is that it makes it that it is much easier to acquire for those who use it medicinally or on occasion. As alcohol, it will take time to regulate. Youth and young adults use it most and can be most effected as it does serve as a gateway drug for some who purchase from ‘dealers’ or a ‘guy the pay know’ who might lace the substance with a stronger drug,

    There’s many valid concerns, but also benefits. I don’t think mixing it with alcohol is the best either, but at parties for youth these often go hand in hand. I have tried it in high school, but I didn’t ever find it relaxing, I just felt paranoid, which I’ve heard others say too. I refused to use in University, and I’m glad I did with mental health issues now, since I was 23.

    But I do think in your story, the inner pain this man had was perhaps as bad as his physical ailments. Lovely and heartbreaking.

    Have a wonderful weekend. 💕 Sorry for the novel.

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    • Hi Mandibelle,
      Sorry about the delay in responding. I’m having internet server issues. I’m going to research better servers in my area.

      No problem with your novel here … I enjoyed reading it. You have a lot of valid information.

      Here in Florida, they’ve tried to legalize it. There have been votes during elections. It’s passed in many counties. Unfortunately, the dispensaries are
      having issues with some areas. I just had a friend die on March 6th of a brain tumor and parkinsens disease. A month before he died in his home he was given the oil by hospice.

      I believe in health relation marijuana can be helpful. It should be like any other medicine dispensed by qualified doctors. PTSD is very prevalent here. I don’t know why. You would think that with the laid back lifestyle there would be less of that. There’s a lawyer who is spending a tremendous amount of money to have it qualify as medication. He has a wheel chair bound brother in constant pain. There is a need in medical cases.

      I only spoke to this man in the story for a very short time. He was selling those shells. My dad took us as children to an area called ‘The Bowery’ in New York. Homeless and mentally ill people were everywhere in that location. My dad had stayed in a flop house when he first arrived in NY. He felt a connection to these people. He had us give them money and tell them to get food or a room for the night. My dad was using it as an example for his children of where you could wind up if you don’t work hard or study. A life lesson in a strange way. I’m thinking the man may have reminded me of those times.
      Yes, a sad tale that would be wonderful to investigate further if I could. You given me a gift of your time and insightful comment, Mandibelle. Thank you …
      Isadora 😎

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  4. I think I remember, it made me cry then as well ❤

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    • I couldn’t believe it was way back in 2014. It brought to mind how long I’ve been blogging.
      I suppose I have a great deal to say. ~~~ : – )
      Yes, I agree. It’s very sad to see this photo and to read the story. I’ve always wondered how he
      ever changed. Those are part of the mysteries of life we live. Thank you, Gilly, for enjoying it again.
      Issy 😎

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      • He’s probably still sitting there!
        I began blogging in 2011and we met soon after, I’m so glad we did xx

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        • Amen … to meeting great people on these blogs. You are definitely one I have enjoyed knowing. Thank you for continuing to feel I have something to share on my humble little place. Issy 😎
          ps – I think he’s probably still there if he hasn’t passed on from all of the terrible things he was doing to his body. Choices … we all have them. : )


  5. Oh my gosh, how sweet! You are such a wonderful lady that I’m sure he thought you were an angel! Very touching story.

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  6. I am a Grenadian born woman, now a US citizen who have not lived in Grenada for over 20 years, so while scrolling through I halted at the glimpse of my flag.
    I hope you had a wonderful vacation, and thank you for taking the time to interact with the broken people in the society.

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    • As with many islands, there is a need far beyond what the tourist sees. We always enjoy traveling away from the regular places that most tend to go while on vacation. Learning more than what the polished want us to know gives us better insight of the culture and needs. As a child, I was taught to give more than I receive. I enjoyed the giving in this situation. Yes, our vacation was good. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is greatly appreciated.
      Isadora 😎

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  7. Glad you reposted this, Issy.


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