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Nurture Yourself – Believe in Yourself


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Whatever people think of you is really about the image they have of you and that image isn’t you. author Don Miguel Ruiz

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©drawing by©kiki marcel – Title – Sticks and Stones are Better 11th Grader @ Port Charlotte High School – Florida

Believe in yourself
even when no one else does.
If someone tells you that
you can’t do it,
prove them wrong
Do It !!!!

Angel - blue wings and sunThe one who they are judging in your name is a character they create.


Heart - bright colors

Becca whose blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea hosts Nurturing Thursday every week to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy”, she says.
If any of my readers are interested in joining the nurturing, I applaud and welcome you to do so … the more the merrier!!

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Author: Inside the Mind of Isadora

Intriguing, sensitive, mysterious, loving, artistic and crackling with excitement for life is a pretty good description of who I am. I just retired from the world of art where I sold my Artfully Designed Handmade Jewelry for 28 years; although, art will always be a part of who I am no matter what venue I choose to express it in.

36 thoughts on “Nurture Yourself – Believe in Yourself

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  3. So true. We too often let others define who we are…and suffer under the illusion.


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  5. That`s why I`m still posting I believe too 🙂


  6. I’ve always found believing in myself a hard thing to do. If someone says I have talent, I say “Anyone can do what I do.” I tend to downplay my accomplishments and disbelieve that I have the ability to do things that others can do. Some might call it “humility.” I just know it to be not giving myself enough credit or wanting to seem arrogant. Where’s the line between arrogance and believing in yourself? I’ve never found it…


    • You bring up a great deal of questions here today, Lorna. I think, for me, an arrogant person is full of himself / herself which is a negative persona. Sometimes, lack of confidence makes us feel like we don’t have the right to showcase something important that we are proud of. Sometimes, when we say it’s no big deal it’s because we’re shy or feel a bit embarrassed by our accomplishments. Humility is when you can say ‘Thank You’ to a compliment and feel it’s deserved. For if we don’t believe in ourselves … who will? I’m always shouting encouragements to myself since others may wish me well but, perhaps,with a bit of an edge of green envy. Now, that’s another issue …. isn’t it? I have only one person to impress and that’s me. It’s the reason I believe we can be our own cheerleader. What do you think? 😮


  7. Beautiful inspiring words, Isadora. But if I may interrupt, believe in yourself, and that can be it. You don’t have to prove anything to those who tell you you can’t do something. 😉


    • Thank you, Rommel, for your visit and your kind words. I’ve reached those moments of confidence now that I am older but much work had to be done to arrive to this level. Words are powerful. As a child, in an abusive household, I longed to hear kinder gentler words and less beatings. There will always be a hole that can not never be fulfilled. Our parents shape us and once they’re gone no amount of encouragement can fill the desire to have been special to them. I’m grateful I’ve been able to use those negative messages I received to be a strong and confident adult.
      I always appreciate your comments and dialog. 😀


  8. ‘The one they are judging in your name is a character they create.’ These words are so affirming for me, right now, Issy ~ I have been unfairly labelled recently and it has taken me right back to a Catholic childhood, in which I was often berated. I need to keep reminding myself that I’m not who ‘they’ say I am and that I have the right to believe in myself, even when others are doubting. I love that you’ve used an angel to illustrate that part of your inspiring message! 🙂


    • OMG … that Catholic school guilt. I, too, have moments when it creeps up. I’ve been there with the berating and exclusion from other kids. Sometimes, it happens to this day. People take my shy demeanor as being a snob. We just need to keep reminding ourselves that we are special even if no one else thinks we are. I’m glad, Jacqueline, that this is a post that touched your heart in a positive way.
      Issy 😘


  9. I warmly welcome and invite you to watch a new photo album “Lilies”
    Good weekend!


  10. Beautiful and inspiring post as always Issy. Thanks hon. 😀 ♥ hugs ♥


  11. Why oh why do we talk so negatively to ourselves — it really is a form of abuse. Powerful message for our inner self, Issy!! Thank you for sharing.

    Lovely 1st image — very creative. Did you create the 2nd image as well? xoxo


    • These were the messages I received as a child. I’m always erasing them from my tapes but they recreate themselves from time to time and I have to remind myself they aren’t me. As a victim of physical, mental and emotional abuse there’s a little voice that needs to be quieted.
      The 2nd drawing is by an 11th grade high school student.
      I took photos of the work of a few students exhibiting. I was astonished at the shocking subjects they chose to express in their artwork. This one was intense and touched me. Glad you like it Becca.


  12. Beautiful post, Isadora! 🙂


  13. No one else does… so true!


  14. Wonderful advice, Issy. 🙂


  15. Very true Isadora, nice post.


  16. Thanks Issy, inspiring as always!


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