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Nurture Yourself – with A Quiet Respite


Buddist meditating

Friends …. It is time for me to take a brief respite. I will be out on the high seas gathering energy from the wind and salty air:
Listening to the Music of the waves.

Ocean - white sailbaot 2.web

Sail Away 2014 ©

I wanted to leave you with a peaceful image of the ocean. I think in one of my previous lives I must have been a sailor. I love being out on the water. Perhaps, it’s my astrology sign. I am a cancer which is represented by the crab. I am renewed and receive abundant energy from it. I will be without technology of any kind. I’ll be writing, reading and contemplating on expanding my knowledge on how to create a more peaceful journey in my life.

I will be vigilant to catch up on all of your blogs upon my return. There is no doubt that in my absence I will miss a great many of the magnificent things you’ve posted. They brighten my day and I look forward to them. I believe your exceptional bodies of work will be the greatest loss for me. Many, many of you are very talented and post the most incredibly meaningful stories and photographs. I delight in seeing and reading.

Please feel free to make me aware of your extraordinary posts in order for me to read or view. I would be disappointed to have missed one of your stellar writings or photographs. In my absence, feel free to visit and leave your insightful and thoughtful comments. I can assure you I will get to each and everyone of them.

Namaste …


The Interview with God 


Nurturing Yourself – with Impeccable Words



                                                                     The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a book I keep on my desk all the time. It’s a small little book packed with power. It isn’t a book that has to be read all the way through in order to get the messages he writes about. They contained in small chapters with words for thoughtful contemplation.

51MfVDOlEkL._SS500_[1] - CopyThese are The Four Agreements -

The First Agreements is : Be Impeccable with Your Word
The Second Agreement : Don’t take Anything Personally
The Third Agreement : Don’t make Assumptions
The Fourth Agreement : Always Do your Best

To ‘Be Impeccable with Your Word’ is to avoid gossiping; avoid making empty promises that your intention was to not keep; avoid carelessly and thoughtlessly speaking aggressively to another; avoid turning others against someone because of your own feelings of inadequacy; avoid chastising and belittling another to build your own ego.

There are Four Agreements for living a nurturing life are simplistic in their wording but if we look at how we live our daily lives we must question if, in fact, we can do all of these everyday. It’s isn’t a book about being perfect or about being someone who is without frailty. These agreements are goals to aspire to. It’s about living your life in a way that not is effected by the turmoil of others.

Are you always impeccable with your word???

2014©written by Isadora




Becca whose blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea hosts Nurturing Thursday every week.

All are welcome … come join the fun!!!!

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Hug Mamma

Hugging Tree1.web

While wandering through Selby Orchid Gardens in Sarasota, Florida on Mother’s Day, I came across a small path. One of the nice things about Selby Gardens is that you can wander aimlessly through many of the garden paths and still discover something you’ve missed on another visit.

This ‘Hugging Tree’ is a good example of that. I’ve been to these orchids gardens more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. It has peaceful benches under trees where one can sit and quietly contemplate. Strolling through one of these paths, I came across this very big tree with this sign on it. I stopped and read what the sign was saying about it’s meaning.

It read:
Have you ever loved something so much that you gave it a big hug? Well, there are certain plants who love trees so much they hug them.

Epiphytes LOVE trees.
Sometimes they are called ‘air plants’ because they grow above the ground. Their roots help them hug the love of their lives (often trees).

Give this tree a hug just like an epiphyte.
Ep-i-phyte (ep-uh-fahyt)
Now trying saying it all together: Epiphyte

Note the small feathery plants just above the sign – air plants or epiphytes.

Hugging Tree sign.web

This video was an experiment in various countries and in the US. It captures the reaction of people who are being offered a ‘Free Hug’ . They seem suspicious and are hesitant to accept one. Yet, notice the faces of exuberance on the ones who do accept the free hug … pure JOY!!!! 😃

As someone who loves to give hugs to everyone I meet – despite their being taken back a little by it – I am forever in their memories because I dared to expose my heart to them and share my gentle spirit.



Each week, Frizz, at Flickr Comments is walking us through the A – Z alphabet. This week is the ‘Letter H’ – to join in the fun ….


Dreams-artwork2.web                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dreamscape          2014©art by Isadora  

Starlit Dreams

May all your ‘DREAMS’
have colorful stars
to take you
on a flight
of peaceful tranquility.
For tonight
is dark
but in the morning
light rises anew.




Each Thursday Becca – On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea – hosts Nurturing Thursdays … If any of my readers are interested in joining – please do. Help spread more positive energy into the blogosphere.


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Yes, I can

Growing-on-Stump1.web                             Yes, I can                                                                             2014©photography by Isadora


Strength doesn’t come from what you can do ….. 

It comes from overcoming the things …

You thought you couldn’t.





Nurture Yourself – Believe in Yourself

Nurture Yourself believe.web

Whatever people think of you is really about the image they have of you and that image isn’t you. author - Don Miguel Ruiz

Crying Teen.web
©drawing by©kiki marcel – Title – Sticks and Stones are Better 11th Grader @ Port Charlotte High School – Florida

Believe in yourself
even when no one else does.
If someone tells you that
you can’t do it,
prove them wrong
Do It !!!!

Angel - blue wings and sunThe one who they are judging in your name is a character they create.


Heart - bright colors

Becca whose blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea hosts Nurturing Thursday every week to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy”, she says.
If any of my readers are interested in joining the nurturing, I applaud and welcome you to do so … the more the merrier!!

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Robin Williams – a chance for us to learn

Inside the Mind of Isadora:

Frizz has written a powerfully well-said post called
Robin Williams – a chance for us to learn
Rest in Peace

Originally posted on Flickr Comments:

Robin Williams – 1951 – 2014 – in a discussion of this tragic topic (depression, suicide, silence about the reasons and methods) I replied to an article of the blogger Isadora:
dear Isadora,
you = “raised by a mother who had severe depression and was plagued with paranoid schizophrenia” and me (my mother made suicide too, so I understood, that depression is a severe danger) – we know what we are talking about. “F” for FINAL DAY should be more often a topic of writing. Many years I put my focus on suicide, trying to understand the structure of the process – and searching for techniques to change a depressive state of mind. At first I read with interest American psychiatrists’ books with focus on behaviorism. Much more efficient was, what I read in my psychoanalytic library: from Freud via Adler to Karen Horney or Otto F. Kernberg. I…

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