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                                                                                                                                                                                                           Strength doesn’t come from what you can do ….. 

It comes from overcoming the things …..

                                                      You thought you couldn’t.





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Whatever people think of you is really about the image they have of you and that image isn’t you. author - Don Miguel Ruiz

Crying Teen.web
©drawing by©kiki marcel – Title – Sticks and Stones are Better 11th Grader @ Port Charlotte High School – Florida

Believe in yourself
even when no one else does.
If someone tells you that
you can’t do it,
prove them wrong
Do It !!!!


Angel - blue wings and sunThe one who they are judging in your name is a character they create.

Heart - bright colors

Becca whose blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea hosts Nurturing Thursday every week to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy”, she says.
If any of my readers are interested in joining the nurturing, I applaud and welcome you to do so … the more the merrier!!

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Inside the Mind of Isadora:

Frizz has written a powerfully well-said post called
Robin Williams – a chance for us to learn
Rest in Peace

Originally posted on Flickr Comments:

Robin Williams – 1951 – 2014 – in a discussion of this tragic topic (depression, suicide, silence about the reasons and methods) I replied to an article of the blogger Isadora:
dear Isadora,
you = “raised by a mother who had severe depression and was plagued with paranoid schizophrenia” and me (my mother made suicide too, so I understood, that depression is a severe danger) – we know what we are talking about. “F” for FINAL DAY should be more often a topic of writing. Many years I put my focus on suicide, trying to understand the structure of the process – and searching for techniques to change a depressive state of mind. At first I read with interest American psychiatrists’ books with focus on behaviorism. Much more efficient was, what I read in my psychoanalytic library: from Freud via Adler to Karen Horney or Otto F. Kernberg. I…

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Vulnerabilty is Vulnerability quote.web

Jamie Dedes invited me if she could post one of my posts for the Bardo Group.

The one she selected for posting on this prestigious blog is

We Cultivate Love

It’s been an honor for me to have been asked to be a tiny part of this very distinguished blog.
I can not thank Jamie Dedes and the staff of the Bardo Group enough for giving me this honor and opportunity.

If you aren’t a blog follower of the Bardo Group, you must be scratching your head and asking

What is a Bardo Group?
Their answer to your question is:

THE BARDO GROUP, a compendium of works from diverse and visionary creatives. Our goal is to foster proximity and understanding through our shared love of the arts and humanities and all things spirited and to make – however modestly – a contribution toward personal healing and deference for the diverse ways people seek comfort and understanding.

What does the name Bardo mean?
Their answer to your question is:

“Bardo” is a Tibetan Buddhist term referring to that place after physical death where some believe our souls travel between material manifestations. It might be likened by some (Brother David Steindle-Rast, for one) to the Christian purgatory. Chögyam Trungpa Rinchoche has written of it as the “in between, like a flowing river which belongs neither to this shore nor the other. In other words: it is the present experience, the immediate experience of now.”
The expression “into the bardo,” was the original name selected because the founder and host of this site and the two people who were first invited to participate here were living with life-threatening illness. One of us, poet Ann Emerson, flew away in April 2013. The other two live, as everyone does, on the edge of eternity.

I thought it would be best to write their description of their blog as it is written iand explained n great detail. If you’d like to know more about the Bardo Group, I’d hope you’ll go over and review this very inspiring and talented group of writers.


Gone Too Soon – Robin Williams – 1951 – 2014

Upon rising in the morning, after meditating and listening to the birds on my patio, I bring my morning coffee and newspaper out with me for an update on what’s been happened in the world while I was sleeping.

The news this morning was about the apparent suicide, causing the death, of comedian and actor Robin Williams. A long time sufferer of alcoholism and severe depression he succumbed to this terrible burden.

Robin Williams was best known for his starring roles in classic comedies like “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Good Morning, Vietnam” and “Jumanji,” but also for his acclaimed dramas such as “Dead Poets Society.” He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dr. Sean Maguire in “Good Will Hunting.” He rose to fame while playing Mork the alien in the TV show “Mork & Mindy,” a “Happy Days” spinoff. In “Dead Poets Society,” Williams plays John Keating, an electric English teacher at an elite all-boys high school. 2014©Huff post

His wife, Susan Sneider, released the following “This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope that the focus will not be on Robin’s death but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

I couldn’t agree more with her words. He was a brilliant actor and comedian. He was a genius at his craft and in his unique way of bringing us to places of laughter. His body of work should be his epitaph not his tragic ending. He’s left a huge whole in the hearts of many.

Dark Water

one word to describe
a mountain of pain
one word to steal the light
from a person’s soul
and leave them cold
gray landscape alone
and searching for something
they couldn’t even name

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Every Tuesday we are being walked through Frizz’s Alphabet Challenge – this week is the ‘Letter F” – join in

Year_of_EggCream-2[1]When I was growing up in Brooklyn many soda fountain shops made a delicious tasting chocolate soda called egg cream soda. As a child, I didn’t like or eat eggs. When I first heard the name of this fountain drink my nose wrinkled into a smelly twist.

It was my friend, Rivka, who talked about going to the soda fountain shop to get an egg cream soda all the time. I remember how she described the chocolaty taste of it each time she had one but she couldn’t tell me how it was made. Because she had an allowance every week, it was her favorite soda to buy. I told her that the next time I made money from doing errands I was going to get one too.
One night, I laid out all of my coins on my bed and counted out 15 cents. I knew I had enough money to finally get that egg cream soda. When I saw Rivka the following morning, I told her I had enough money to go to the fountain shop to get one that afternoon. We did.

2013-04-03_Egg-Cream-@-Buffalo-and-Bergen-9-570x380[1] Mr. Stein was the soda shop owner. He had a long scruffy curly beard. He wore a fisherman’s cap on his head, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and suspenders. He was always at the door. He made sure that kids had money before they walked into his shop. Up until that day, I had only purchased candy sticks or gum. Today was different. I was going to try an egg cream soda.

What is an egg cream soda?

It’s milk, seltzer, and chocolate syrup. It contains no eggs or cream. Much later, some ice cream shops started adding vanilla syrup. The authentic version doesn’t contain vanilla and U-Bet chocolate syrup is what should be used. Egg Cream soda is traditionally associated with Brooklyn.

farm-post-3[1]The egg cream is almost exclusively a soda fountain drink. Although there have been several attempts to bottle it, none have been wholly successful, as its fresh taste and characteristic frothy head requires mixing of the ingredients just before drinking.


Soon after my first tasty egg cream soda, my parents decided to have bottled milk and seltzer delivered to our front door. The milkman placed them in a metal canister at 4:00 a.m. I could hear the bottles rattle as they were placed inside. The milk was very cold on wintery days. Egg creams became a tasty treat for my sisters and me to make after dinner. Eventually, the egg cream soda was replaced by my next favorite childhood drink – the Ice Cream Soda.
2014©written by Isadora

According to wikipedia, the origin of the name “egg cream” is a subject of debate. One theory is that grade “A” milk was used in its creation, leading to the name “a chocolate A cream”, thus sounding like ‘egg’ cream. Stanley Auster, the grandson of the beverage’s alleged inventor, has been quoted as saying that the origins of the name are lost in time. One commonly accepted origin is that “Egg” is a corruption of the German (also found in Yiddish) word echt (“genuine” or “real”) and this was a “good cream”. It may also have been called an “Egg Cream” because in the late 19th century, there were already many chocolate fountain/dessert drinks using actual eggs (e.g. ‘Egg Brin’) and Auster wanted to capitalize on the name.

How to Make an Egg Cream ….

Memoir Madness - Krista challenges us to write about a memory – click Memoir Madness to join in -

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.
–Oscar Wilde

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Every Tuesday, Frizz, offers the ‘A to Z’ challenge. He’s walking us step by step through the alphabet. This week is the Letter E – click on Frizz Alphabet Challenge

The Floaters

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Inside the Mind of Isadora:

This is a fasntastic story. I love everything about it. I thought – you -my readers would enjoy too. Please take the time to read a great writers tale. Thank you, Isadora

Originally posted on Chronic Nonsense:

Dark WaterThe black water churned as if alive. Hostile, bottomless, unforgiving. Breathless with panic, Joseph struggled to stay buoyant. He had to calm down, get his bearings and find Barbara. When their raft overturned in the violent storm, she was with him, but he had lost her in the chaos. She was a strong swimmer, but he feared the worst. He felt a sudden rush of adrenaline at the realization that he could lose her.

“Barbara! Where are you?” he screamed, but it came out as a croak lost on the wind.

No response.

As the water spattered his face, flooded his mouth and clouded his eyes, he choked her name repeatedly.

No response.

Joseph looked in all directions but couldn’t see land. No lights pierced the horizon. No sign of their raft. No lifeline.

He felt sick. His hands and feet grew numb. He had to move, swim, anything to…

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Cheesecake -Strawberries.web
Do you see the mark of a slice cut in the cheesecake?

Here’s the reason …. my family was sitting in the living room waiting, with bated breath, while I set the table for them to come and have dessert. I left the room to get my camera for a quick photo snap of the finished cheesecake when someone – no one will fess up to the crime – started to cut the cake. Obviously, they didn’t want to wait any longer.

You won’t either once you bake one of these delicious cheesecakes and have a slice. It is extremely rich and thick. A small slice will be very satisfying. But, you’ll still want to have a 2nd helping. Enjoy … !!!!

if you’re gluten intolerant this is the recipe for you. There’s no flour in the recipe. The graham crackers crumb at the bottom of the pan can be eliminated. 😍

Nanny’s Italian Cheesecake


4 – 8 oz. pkgs. of cream cheese
1/1/2 cups sugar
1 stick of butter
1 – 16 oz. container of sour cream
2 tablespoons of cornstarch
1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon of vanilla
5 eggs
Spring baking pan

Preheat oven to 375 F ****** 190.6 C

Keep cheese, sour cream and butter at room temperature for 1 hour.

Mix all ingredients together – except eggs – beat well.

Add eggs in one at a time. Do not add the next egg into the mix until it’s throughly mixed. To avoid egg shells in your mix break the egg in a small bowl then add to the mix.

Pour into a well greased spring pan (melted butter or spray butter).

Place spring pan into a roaster pan and place on your oven rack. Now, your roaster pan to 1/2 the level so that the spring pan is sitting in the water.

Bake for 1 hour.

Rremove from oven … let cool thoroughly … refrigerate overnight before serving.

Enjoy … !!!!

You can add fresh vanilla beans instead of bottled vanilla.
You can add lime juice or vanilla instead of lemon juice.
You can add stevia instead of sugar.
You can add melted chocolate or swirl the chocolate in the mix.

Decorate your cheesecake with fresh strawberries, blueberries, sprinkle confectioners sugar or leave it plain.

Graham Cracker Mix:
1 1/2 cups of graham crackers
5 teaspoons butter
2 tablespoons of sugar

Melt butter, add pre-mixed graham cracker / sugar that you’ve mixed together. (The graham crackers can be place in a small lunch bag and hammered into crumbs or use a small electric chopper)

Blend well … spread on the bottom of the spring pan. To create an even level use your close fist to tap down mixture down.

Refrigerate 1 hour – now, add the cream cheesecake mixture.

To have a truly gluten free cheesecake do not add graham crackers to your pan.

Option 2:
You can use ginger snap cookies instead of graham crackers if you want to change a different taste.

*****A friend gifted me this recipe in a lovely card, 20 years ago, along with the cheesecake when she came to a over dinner party I was having. I have been baking it for years and have never had a disappointed comment upon tasting. It’s a family recipe from her aunt. With her permission, I have posted it here. Enjoy !!!

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Every Tuesday, Frizz, offers the ‘A to Z challenge’. He’s walking us step by step through the alphabet. This week is the Letter Cto join in

Orchids pink with rain.webRaindrops Falling on my Petals
2014 © photography by Isadora

Nurture Yourself by Dancing in the Rain

It rains everyday in Florida during the summer. There’s a pattern to our summer rainfall.
Mornings are sunny, afternoons are cloudy until about 2 p.m.; then,we get a downpour of rain followed by sunny skies once again. Of course, this pattern changes when there’s a hurricane or tropical storm brewing in the gulf which is part of the weather summer pattern. So far, this year we’ve been fortunate. There haven’t been any.

What we do have is rain … and more rain … and more rain. My feet have almost changed into flippers.

I’m not a fan of rain. It brings my spirits down. Cloudy, gloomy days drain my energy and enthusiasm. I need to see bright shiny sunny days. I want to see sparkles on the water behind my home. I want to hear the birds singing.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that flowers and trees need rain. My orchids tell me that.
My grass is very, very green too. I know there are dry arid places with shortages of water that would cherish this rain.

In fact, I enjoy the rain. I know that’s a contradiction. But, I can take a nap (yes … nap) and listen to the rain falling as it taps rhythmically on my windows. However, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen the sun. Too many days for me to count.

I’m sure you’re wondering – What does rain have to do with nurturing?

I’m glad you asked.

Today, while I was sitting on my patio, I began to look at rain differently. The heavy showers reminded me of the challenge that rain is for me. Then, I began to see it in a different light.

Rain is like the things that happen to us in life. Everyday we’re faced with challenges. For everyone the challenges are different. If we look at every drop of rain as a challenge we’ve overcome our outlook would be much more positive.

Our lives are sprinkled with droplets of problems and stresses we have to rise above.
Life pours worries, obstacles, misfortunes, stumbling blocks and, at times, nightmares filled with thunderous lightning of difficulties into our lives. Stress builds like puddles in a gully.

How would we gauge our troubles and woes if we never had grey rainy days?

We can very easily get upset about these issues that life has decided to pour on us. But without these storms, how would we appreciate the rainbow that appears after downpours of rain?

Instead, I’ve decided to appreciate every drop of rain because without it I wouldn’t be able to appreciate that I’m alive and able to enjoy it. I’ve decided to look at rain in less of a monotonous humdrum way. I recognize without the changes rain gives us life might be very dull. I decided to be grateful for the rain as it’s creating beautiful colors in my garden by nurturing my grass, trees and orchids.

I think I’ll go out and find a rainbow while I dance in the rain ….

How about you?


Heart - bright colors

A lively tune to get you into the dancing mood. Let’s have a DANCE party !!!!

Lara y Reyes – La Barranca


Becca whose blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea hosts Nurturing Thursday every week to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy”, she says.
If any of my readers are interested in joining nurturing, I applaud and welcome you to do so … the more the merrier!!

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Button : a Mundane Sensory Poem

Buttons & brass.web

what are buttons?

So lifeless.
They sit looping our lives together.

Buttons are small
and unimportant,
but sometimes

we need them
during our tangled hours.
Buttons roll around the nation
seeing sights,

but also forgotten points in life.

Even seeing those vista’s,

the most important sight
happens at night.

When the button jumps
and clamps
its slick,
glossy round edge,

to the loop
who sits alone.
Waiting for someone
to join them.

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Frizz has been challenging us every Tuesday, step by step, since 2011, through the alphabet – A to Z - last week we had letter “A”
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