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Orange Characteristics
Orange is the color of vitality and endurance. It’s a power color and one of the healing colors. It’s said to increase the craving for food. It stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere.

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Orange Energy
Orange is one of the healing colors. While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. A dynamic color, orange offers a more thoughtful control than explosive red. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things.

Lady Gaga – Orange Coloured

9673136346_3946b09591[1] - CopyEach week Frizz ia walking us through the A – Z alphabet challenge. This week is the Letter O – to join in –

Grandma Rockin'

Things have been goin’ real well here at my new home at the assisted living. The newest thing to be added to the recreation center has been art and craft classes. Sue Anne is the teachers’ name. She has all kinds of talent. Just last week we were learnin’ how to paint a tree. She comes over to help each and every one of us.

imagesCAT7ESIKBless her heart she thought Mary Lou was drawing’ a short little tree. It turned out she was paintin’ a flower. Mary Lou’s married to Dr. Wong Cho. I mentioned him last time we visited. She doesn’t always understand what’s being said. Sweet lil thing … and she is little … just about 4 foot tall, always has a smile on her face and dresses real nice too.

Well, the girls and I got to talkin’ and decided we should do something real nice for Sue Anne. A fine welcome luncheon at the dining room seemed like a good idea. Sue Anne was tickled pink.

We dined on a green salad, creamy broccoli soup and steamed chicken with mashed potatoes while we sipped on sweet tea. We ate some key lime pie with our coffee and told a few jokes. I thought I’d share some of them with ya’ll.

Sue Anne told us she had a real good time. She wants us all to bring in some art and craft ideas for the next class. She told me she wouldn’t mind me teachin’ the class some time on how to knit. Bless her heart ….!!!!!

Live Well
Laugh Often
Love Much

Fondly, Mabel

Copyright2014©written by Isadora



Your sweetie says, ‘Let’s go upstairs
and make love,’ and you answer,
‘Pick one; I can’t do both!’

Your friends compliment you
on your new alligator shoes
and you’re barefoot.

A sexy babe catches your fancy
and your pacemaker opens the garage door,

Going braless
pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.

You don’t care where your spouse goes,
just as long as you don’t have to go along.


You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police

‘Getting a little action’
means you don’t need to take any fiber today.


‘Getting lucky’ means you find your car
in the parking lot.

An ‘all nighter’ means not getting up
to use the bathroom.


You’re not sure these are jokes …..!!!!


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zen-zen[1]Unfortunately, this has been an extremely busy week for me making it difficult to visit your blogs or participate in many of the challenges I enjoy. Here is a reblog … I hope this helps you learn about something in yourself that you hadn’t realized needs nurturing.

If you haven’t read it … it’s new.
If you have read it … it’s a refresher to begin.

Namaste ….
Isadora <3

imagesCAA3C4OZIn keeping with my word a month to Nurture Yourself – the word for November is Focus. To focus (estar enfocado – Spanish) is to direct your attention at something specific; or as in a camera to make something clear; maximum clarity or distinctness of an idea; a series of thoughts, visions or feelings that happen; an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real; something that you have wanted very much to do, be , or have for a long time.



As you can see from the cartoon above, we all want to feel whole or complete about our inner self as much as we do about our outer self. Sometimes, we mask the way we feel inside by showcasing ourselves on the outside with pretty things. Fashion manufacturer advertise and promote to this weakness.

We don’t want to see the lack of focus about our inner self. But, we should. There is more to focusing than creating an image of who we think we are or should be. Our entire life depends on us focusing even if it’s just to drive a car. How many times have you parked somewhere only to find yourself lost because you have forgotten where you parked.
Lack of focus

We’re lost in our day to day issues in our overstimulated life. We haven’t the time to stop, breathe or focus. We need to be on the go to achieve and succeed in the many things we want that we can’t stop. We’re distracted. We lose our ability to see all in us.
A quiet time to pull back from all of the tensions, anxiety, pressures and worries is what’s needed to get us back in focus

5 Steps to Help Us Focus …. from Troy Carter

•Focus requires not thinking about the past or the future
• Focus concerns only what is happening right now
• Meditation focuses your attention on the present moment
• During meditation the rhythm of your breath can become your focus
• With daily meditation, focus comes more frequently and more easily


Nurture Yourself to focus by taking short amounts of time every day to meditate on learning how to focus more intently. Let your issues float away. Communing with nature can help you to find your inner circle in your day. Practice and repetition of quiet moments will help your inner self-grow and your outer self-glow.


copright2014©written by Isadora


♥MICHEL PEPE – Terre Enchanteresse♥

Daily Thought – Seize every day as an adventure and your spirit will soar when you discover the wonderful surprises life has to offer.

Nurturing Yourself – by inviting Love


In March, I posted a Nurturing Yourself post about Love. If you missed it here is the link.

I had this parable a friend had sent me about Love I wanted to add to those thoughts. It has an insightful and touching ending with a profound lesson. I’ve decided to write about Love again for those who grew up without it and are seekers of fulfilling those nurturing years. Copyright 2014©written by Isadora

Soothing meditative music for you to listen to while reading this parable …. Namaste Isadora

I gift myself with the power to Love myself ….


The Guests

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard.
She did not recognize them.

She said, “I do not know you. Are you hungry? Please come in and have something to eat.”

“Is the man of the house home?”

“No,” she replied. “He’s out”.

“Then we cannot come in,” they replied.


In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened.

“Go tell them I am home and invite them to come in!”

The woman went out and invited them in.

“We do not go into a HOUSE together,” they replied.

“Why is that?” she asked.

One of the old men explained: “His name is Wealth,” he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing another, “His name is Success,” and “I am Love.”
Then he added, “Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you would like to come in.”


The woman went in and told the husband what was said.
Her husband was overjoyed.

“How nice!” he said. “Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth!”

His wife disagreed. “My dear, why don’t we invite Success?”

Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the room.

She jumped in with her suggestion: “Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with Love!”


Let us heed our daughter-in-law’s advice,” said the husband to the wife. “Go out and invite Love to be our guest.”

The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, “Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest.”

Love got up and started walking to the house. The other 2 got up and followed him.

Surprised, the woman asked Wealth and Success, “Why are you coming in? I only invited Love.”


The old men replied together: “If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would have stayed out, but you invited Love. Wherever he goes we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is Wealth and Success!!!!”


Nurture Yourself with these Wishes …

Where there is pain, I wish you peace and mercy
Where there is self-doubting, I wish you a renewed
confidence in your ability to work through it.
Where there is tiredness or exhaustion, I wish you
understanding, patience and renewed strength.
Where there is fear, I wish you courage and Love

***** photography by Dreamtime – and Google images

Black & White Al Photo - 8

“Yes, How Old We Get”

For some time now, I’ve noticed the changes on his face. I knew they were going to come, eventually. The lines of a life lived were growing with each day.

“Will you still love me when that’s all you see?, he asked.

I said, “My eyes are always mesmerized by you”.

A smile of ease appeared on his face. He understood, all I could see were his almond dark chocolate eyes. A secret, only, we know.

Yes, how old we get,
But never lose our beauty,
We merely move it.

Soon, we begin to count our blessings not our tears. Soon, we begin to count our age by friends not by years. Then, soon, the lines from our faces become blessings in our hearts.

Yes, how old we get,
But never lose our passion,
Loving devotion.
copyright2014©written by Isadora

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Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The word derives from Greek μουσική mousike; “art of the Muses”. Info from Wikipedia

Evolution of Music

11th century-
Salve Regina

Canon in D – Pachelbel

Symphony No. 5 – Beethoven

Danny Boy – Frederic Weatherly

Old Man River – Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II

Minnie The Moocher – Cab Calloway

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – The Andrew Sisters

I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
La Bamba – Ritchie Valens

Stand By Me – Ben E King
Barbara Ann – Beach Boys
I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles
Respect – Aretha Franklin

ABC – Jackson 5
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Celebration – Kool & The Gang
Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
Thriller – Michael Jackson

Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
Say My Name – Destiny’s Child
I Want It That Way – The Backstreet Boys

Hey Ya! – Outkast
Drop it Like Its Hot – Snoop Dogg
Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira
Single Ladies – Beyoncé
I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry
Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
I Gotta Feelin – Black Eyed Peas

Baby – Justin Bieber
We Found Love – Rihanna
Some Nights – Fun.
Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye
Gangnam Style – Psy
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
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9673136346_3946b09591[1] - CopyEach week Frizz is walking us through the alphabet challenge. This week is the Letter M. To join in –


***** In the newspaper this morning, there was a story reported about an elderly man who was struck by 3 youths when he answered his doorbell. Passed out on the floor, they ram shacked his home searching for everything they could steal from him then drove off with it in his car. It brought back an unfortunate memory about our home invasion I’ve written about here.


It was a small little ad posted in the newspapers Police Blotter.
It read:

Suburban Home Invasion

In the quiet suburban community of Long Islands,
North Babylon, burglars invaded a home on New York
Avenue on October 28th. Police are looking for the suspects. Anyone with information, please contact: Officer Smith (212) 000 – 0000

My home invasion was in the newspaper. Thoughts of the night before rushed into my mind as I read the report. A violation of my family’s security was diminished to a small blurb in a newspaper police blotter.

I could hardly believe my eyes when we drove up our driveway and saw the house lit up. It looked like a Christmas tree dazzling bright. The house looked like a party going on inside. We had left our security lights on and connected to our very reliable timer. It was set to turn them on and turning off. We assumed the timer had broken leaving the light on constantly.

We had left for the weekend to attend a family wedding. It was a two hour drive there and back. We decided to stay with family. My three children would attend the pre – wedding events. A neighbors’ daughter would babysit at my in-laws for the wedding ceremony. My husband and I were excited to have a little weekend get-a-way. It was a rare treat for us.

They must have been watching the house. They had to have known about our being away. They had a good time at our expense. They had a destructive vengeance towards our way of life.

Did you find pleasure in smashing those pumpkins my kids had decorated for Halloween?

Were the shampoo bottles you punctured and carefully placed among clothes, allowing them to ooze out, a source of great elation?
Was the beer you splattered all over the walls, creating a sap of sugary syrup everywhere, a joyful contest amongst all of you?

How about those newspapers you rolled into wads and placed very carefully in the oven for a fire to begin give you a blissful feeling?

And those dark blue police uniforms you decided to cut-up, pour oil and crack eggs all over a sign of your indifference and defiance of authority?

It breaks my heart when I remember the look on my children’s faces. They were so overcome. The thought that someone could be that destructive in their home was incomprehensible to them.

We all cried.

Our house could have been burned down to the ground.

I guess you had never cooked anything in your life. The oven hadn’t been turned on; at all. It was the timer you set. I am so glad you hadn’t gone back to check. I am so glad you didn’t burn our home.

Did you enjoy yourselves?

The police said it was several of you. There was too much destruction and damage for just one scoundrel. You have chosen your life of crime but it will catch up to you.

Maybe, you like scaring people.

Maybe, you wanted to buy drugs with what you stole from us.

You may have gotten away with damaging and stealing from our home but you will be caught. Criminals always are. They never think that they will be outsmarted.

But, eventually, they are.

copyright2014©written by Isadora


***** This incident occurred in 1973. It’s something that lingers despite the years that have passed.


COMING THIS APRIL! — official date TBA


100 NIGHTMARES by K.Z. Morano is a collection of horror stories written in exactly 100 words and accompanied by a few illustrations.

It takes a brief encounter with death to cause enduring nightmares.
A single well-placed blow could maim you for life…
One well-placed word could haunt you forever.

Micro-fiction is a blade—sharp, swift…

Sometimes it goes for the jugular, killing you in seconds.
Its silver tongue touches your throat and warm blood hisses before you can scream.

Sometimes, the knife makes micro-cuts in the sensitive sheath of your sanity, creating wounds that will fester throughout eternity.

Take my 100 words daily like a slow-acting poison or read them all and die of overdose.

Your call.

It’s your suicide after all.

The Author
K.Z. Morano is an eclectic eccentric… a writer, a beach bum and a chocolate addict who writes anything from romance and erotica to horror, fantasy, sci-fi and bizarro fiction. Over the past few months, her stories have appeared in various anthologies, magazines and online venues.

Visit her at

where she posts short fiction and photographs weekly.

For more updates on the story collection like K.Z.’s Facebook page

The mind is everything … what you think you become … Buddah

Ni Hao – Hello ( Chinese )

Tai Chi is an ancient type of exercise similar to martial arts that has been practiced in China for centuries. The fluid slow movements make it safe and effective. If you simply incorporate this practice into your lifestyle it will be of great benefit to both mental and physical health.

Tai Chi is popular among senior citizens and those suffering from limitations that prevent them from doing other types of exercises. Some people find it to be easier than meditation for quieting their mind.

How does this ancient type of exercise prevent putting any strain on your body?

Tai Chi is a combination of elegant movements that are performed in a slow and flexible manner. They flow into each other. It looks like a well-choreographed slow motion dance. The movements are soft and fluid without jerking the body from one position to another.

A professional can give you lessons and advise on the movements and their pattern. The techniques are free flowing but there are a few guidelines that are important to keep in mind. Always keep your posture straight but your arms loose. It’s important to never apply force in any movement and to stay totally relaxed in order to refrain from putting any strain on the joints.

Many people are acquainted with the hand movements seen when Tai Chi is being performed in parks, at the beach or in gyms. The flowing movements help strengthen muscles. The quiet thoughtful concentration creates a calming effect that helps the body decrease tension, anxiety and stress. It can be performed alone or in a group. Apart from these benefits, Tai Chi works on your psychological level by improving concentration and focus to strengthen your mind.

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Sui – my Tai Chi teacher ….

Each movement or posture carries defensive or offensive applications. In order to understand these applications it’s vital to grasp the awareness of the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin is the soft female principle and Yang is the masculine principle.

Tai Chi movements:
• releases tension and relaxes body
• it tones and strengthens muscles
• it improve respiration
• it helps increase emotional balance
• it improves balance
• it improves circulation
• Harmonize body and mind

What precautions ought to I take before practicing?

Tai chi is mild enough for pretty much everybody. However, it is a sensible plan to talk with your doctor before making an attempt at doing this form of exercise.



I hope you’ll take time to find an exercise that helps you become healthier both mentally and physically while creating a calming lifestyle in the process. Our bodies are our temples gifted to us from a greater creator who has bestowed us with its care.

Zai Jiau – Good-Bye (Chinese )
Namaste …

Copyright 2014©written by Isadora

This is a professional video for those who wish to know a little more about the technique -
Tai Chi for Beginners, 8 Lessons with Dr Paul Lam – first lesson

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Cora Walton, who adopted the stage name KoKo, was born September 28, 1928 and died June 3, 2009. She wed a truck driver by the name of Robert “Pops” Taylor becoming KoKo Taylor later. Because of her unusual style and raspy yet powerful voice of singing, in addition to her blues style, the American Chicago Blues singer became known as the “Queen of the Blues”.
A share croppers’ daughter, Taylor, was raised in Shelby County, Tennessee. In 1952, she left Memphis and began singing in Chicago blues clubs. Willie Dixon spotted her one night and signed a recording contract with her on Chess Records. It was when she recoded Wang Dang Doodle a song written by Dixon.
Taylor influenced musicians such as Bonnie Raitt, Shemekia Copeland, Janis Joplin, Shannon Curfman, and Susan Tedeschi. In the years prior to her death, she performed over 70 concerts a year and resided just south of Chicago in Country Club Hills, Illinois.


Taylor’s final performance was at the Blues Music Awards, on May 7, 2009. She suffered complications from surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding on May 19, 2009, and died on June 3 of that year.
written by Isadora – information gathered from Wikipedia

Koko Taylor & Sammy Lawhorn ~ ”Please Don’t Dog Me”&”Wang

Koko Taylor – I’d Rather Go Blind (Live)


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Frizz every Tuesday offers the “A to Z challenge”. He’s walking us step by step through the alphabet. This week is the Letter K - to join in –