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Friday Fictioneers – Tragedy at the Fair

Friday Fictioneers - carousel-ted-strutzPhoto Prompt    2015©Ted Strutz

Huntington Fairgrounds was a local place in town to take the kids every summer. A few rides, game stands with big stuffed animals; over cooked hot dogs, burgers and fries were the staple along with cardboard pizza.

My kids always brought a buddy friend.

They’d hate to leave.

Finally, I’d corral them for the whiny ride home.

“Let’s go”, I’d say. “A bathroom stop before we get into the car”.

Within moments, wailing and screams could be heard.
People running and crying abounded.

Impaled in his chest lay a teen on a fence spike.

He was still in the swing.

2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction 
Word Count – 100 Words

******** This incident is a true story that happened one summer. My middle daughter brought her friend, Lynn, that day. She was her best friend. The boy in the story was her 12 year old brother who had gone to the fair with his friends family. He suffered a great many injuries. His leg was also impaled. After many operations and a tremendous amount of care, he survived but had injuries that left him handicapped including difficulty walking. His family sued the fairgrounds and won their case. The fairgrounds were closed shortly thereafter.


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Nurture Yourself – with Change

Photo - Book - who-moved-my-cheeseTom Merriman @ Well Here Goes wrote a story called ‘Nebula Three’. A story about ‘Change’ and the resistance to it. To read his post click here. His story reminded me of the book called ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ and inspired this post. Thank you, Tom.


I’ve had a copy of ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ on my bookshelf from the first time I borrowed it from my library. To ensure that I could read it from time to time, I purchased a copy. I read it to all of my children and have recommended it to many friends. On occasion, I’ve given it as a gift. It’s a simple little book written by Spencer Johnson which has sold more than 10 millions copies.

The book is filled with a powerful message that inspires remembering. I believe this story with its lessons has a great deal to say about change. With each new day, we must change. Change opens new doors. When we resist or don’t see the doors opening before us, to new opportunities, we become motionless. Our beings cease to be more than they could be.


Who Moved My Cheese? Keep Moving the Cheese!

The story is about two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and two “Little People,” Hem and Haw, who live in a maze of cheese stations, some filled with cheese and others empty.

Photo - Characters - Who-moved-my-cheese-Johnson-Sniff-Scurry-Hem-Haw

When Cheese Station C runs out of cheese, the two mice immediately search the maze for another cheese station, while Hem and Haw overanalyze their situation, convinced that one day the old cheese will return to Station C if they keep on going there.
Eventually, Haw leaves Station C, realizing he’s going to starve if he doesn’t start looking for a new station.

Photo - cheese - mouse

Along the way he writes messages on the walls like:

“Movement In A New Direction Helps You Find New Cheese”
“The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Find New Cheese,”

which serve to motivate him in his search for new cheese and to remind him that going back isn’t the solution. Also, they were markings for his buddy, Hem, should he decide to follow.
After a little while in the maze, Haw stumbles on a station with a few chunks of new cheese. Even though the types of cheese are strange-looking, like nothing he has ever seen before, he immediately devours them. He puts a few pieces in his pocket to take back to his buddy, Hem, who is still stuck in Station C.
As stubborn as he is starving, Hem turns down Haw’s offer of cheese. “I want my own cheese back,” he says.
“Suit yourself,” Haw says, as he begins to let go of the past (good times at Station C) and adapt to the present.
He inscribes the maze wall with more bits of wisdom, like

“Noticing Small Changes Early Helps You Adapt To The Bigger Changes That Are To Come.”
Finally, Haw discovers Cheese Station N, the tallest mound of cheese he had ever seen, where his mouse friends Sniff and Scurry welcome him and invite him to eat from the abundant supply. Their full bellies tell Haw that they have been there awhile.

On the largest wall of Cheese Station N, Haw draws a large piece of cheese around all the insights he has gained.

Photo - who-moved-my-cheese1

So … What did he learn???

Change Happens: They Keep Moving The Cheese. Just like the weather, we can’t continue to stand in a brazen immovable stance. Go with it.

Anticipate Change: Get Ready For The Cheese To Move. Be prepared for things to divert from your anticipated plan. Sh-t happens. It’s how you handle your sh-t that counts. Don’t let yourself be pounded by it, accept it and go on.

Monitor Change: Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old. Keep track of your life – every hour of every day. Oh, not in a way that makes your head hurt from thinking about it. No – in a curious: ‘ I want to do curious way’. Be nosy about yourself. Keep track of what you do? How much you spend? What you spend money on and how many times? You might be surprised at how much money is being waisted. Leading to stress and interrupting your calm.

Adapt To Change Quickly: The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese. Strangely, we enjoy buying new clothes and jewelry to make ourselves look altogether from head to toe. There isn’t a hair out of place. We don’t think our old clothes are stylish or fashionable anymore so we get new ones. Well, what about those old thoughts that are keeping you from enjoying the new thoughts? Time to trash those; time to move on to the new thoughts.

Change – Move with the Cheese: Don’t be stubborn about going forward and letting go. We feel anxiety and nervous about going forward and making these positive changes.

Enjoy Change! Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste of New Cheese!
Think of these changes as a vacation. Have you ever been on vacation at a place you’ve never been before? It’s called an adventure.

Take the Plunge – the waters warm and so is the new voyage.
Be Ready to Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again and Again. They Keep moving the cheese. Remember that there isn’t a solid road on this journey you’re on. Hills and valley’s; rocks and holes; will be there to derail you. Stay on track. Keep yourself steadfast. For on solid, committed and reliable ground your path will keep you calm.

When we search for new things in our lives without fear we are enjoying our lives everyday.

Are you moving with the Cheese????

2015©Isadora DeLaVega



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Take my Hand and Walk with Me

Nurture natures-hidden-beauty

In May, my hubby and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary. Our actual anniversary date is August 21st. We celebrated early because of the ports we were interested in seeing. The Panama Canal was one of the many ports. I’ve been trying to get posts written on each one of the ports but it’s happening very slowly.
As it turned out, when I arrived home my back pain, that I had had before I left for our trip, became much more unbearable. I was bedridden. Despite my being a high risk patient, reluctantly, I decided to have the back surgery.
I’ve been progressing slowly since the surgery. I’m far from healed. But, with patience, I can see the light at at end of the road.
While on our cruise, we renewed our vows.
These were the words I spoke.
Enjoy …

Hands 565 holding a daisy.web

Take my hand and walk with me
in quiet places;
where butterfly wings create a melodic song.
Sing and play in secret meadows;
where grasses sway
with soft summer breezes
from dusk to dawn.
Share with me a simple life
of placid days and starry nights;
where we can lie on yielding grasses,
while waiting for the morning light.
Take my hand and dance with me,
until stars twinkle brightly in your eyes.
For simple pleasures love can hold;
even when winter’s edge grows bold.
2015©isadora delavega

Giovanni Marradi Romantico


Sunday Song

Costa Rica Church Aa.webNo Boundaries Here 2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVegaTravel Cabo San Lucas Sunset.webSpirit in the Sky   2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky


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Nurture Yourself – Just Dance

Nurture Ballet Dancer.web

Just Dance …

Inside of each of us is a dancer. There’s a part of us that responds freely to music.

The music of life but somewhere along the way we become guarded.

Our fears restrict us, and eventually we dismiss whatever gifts we have to offer. Sometimes, it is too late.

Make today the day you let you dance.

Whether in the privacy of your home or on a downtown street, stop and twirl, or skip or hop, click your heels or do the twist.

Don’t worry about what people think. Let yourself hear the music.

In that dance, breathe out fear and breathe in the celebration of freedom, joy and love.

2015©Isadora DeLaVega


The person, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.

He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.
~Leo F. Buscaglia

I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of Love, and of Truth,
of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me.
We are One.

Life Dance

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Little Sailboat Floating on the Sea

Flash Fiction 553 - wpid-photo-20150929111934421
Standing on the pier, I see you floating in the far distance. Little sailboat, you’re calling me.
Beckoning, you cry out, I travel upon the open sea. We can sail away wherever the winds take us.                                                                        We can move, aimlessly, along the coasts to find new passages and adventures. Each day, my little                                                     sailboat, will take me to magical islands filled with peaceful bliss. Where rest and solace are key.                                                                    A life on the ocean that’s relaxed and carefree; full of mirthful blithe.

Can you feel the salty water on your sturdy bow?

Are the gusts of the wind kissing your sails with tender delight?

I can feel the oceans breeze blowing its’ moist salty air upon my face with a special caress only for me.
Soon, we’ll find those enchanting islands. They lie somewhere. They’ll embrace me with                                                                       islanders waving a welcome.

2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 144


Flash Fiction - wpid-photo-20150907210633006

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Poverty and Hunger


One day, the parish priest came to visit the 4th grade class.

He asked the pupils, “How can you tell when night has ended and day has begun”.

”Could it be,” asked one of one enthusiastic student, “when you can see an animal in the distance and tell whether it’s a sheep or a dog?”

“No,” answered the priest.

Another student asked, “Is it when you look at a tree in the distance and can tell whether it’s a fig tree or an apple tree?”

“No,” answered the priest.”

“Then when is it?”

The pupils were anxious to know.

“It is when you can look upon the face of any man or woman and see that they are your sister or brother. Because if you cannot see this, it is still night.”


Everyday, we encounter people from all walks of life. Some who feel like kindred spirits and some who feel like strangers. It’s easy to accept those we view as being ‘one of us’.

However, we feel a separation and fear of those whose lifestyle are at odds with our own. We can identify with our family, our gender, our country of origin, our religion and assume that every person who fits into those categories will agree with our point of view. It isn’t necessarily so.


I stumbled across this homeless man while I was on vacation. Many tourists passed without a glance his way. He was selling shells. He had an unsanitary odor, was drinking alcohol at 11:00 a.m. and smoking something that had a distinct fragrance.

I stopped.

I stopped because, as a child, I was taught by my Dad that we should help those who have less than us. Often, he would take us to an area in New York called the Bowery. There were homeless people there. He’d park the car and take us kids for a walk among them. They were scary for a child. He would ask them if they’d eaten. He would purchase some hot dogs or sandwiches. He would give us the food to give to them. Then, he’d give them money. Always saying, “ Don’t give up hope. Tomorrow will be   a better day”. They’d say, “Izzy, thank you for not forgetting us. You’re a good man”. I’d felt a sense of pride for my Dad.

On the drive home my Dad would say, “These people don’t want to live this way. Life can bring hardship on you without any notice. You should always help those less fortunate than you. God is watching you and will know if you are a good and caring person to those in need.”

That day while on vacation:
I stopped because this homeless man was in need.
I stopped because I knew I could give him hope if I helped him.
I stopped because in spite the way he looked, he was a human being.

Of course, he was shocked that I had stopped and was talking to him. Afterwards, he wanted me to take one of his shells with me. I told him he could sell mine to another tourist. I said, ‘I’m happy I was just able to talk to you today”.

His eyes filled with tears. He said, “ Pretty lady, I know you’re an angel. No one sees me sitting here. You did. When you go back to heaven, I hope you’ll see my beautiful wife and tell her I miss her”.


There’s tremendous satisfaction in making others happy, despite our own situations. Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness when shared is doubled. If you want to feel rich just count your blessings and all the things you have that money can’t buy.
Today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present.
2015©Isadora De La Vega

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Friday Fictioneers – Despair

Friday Fictioneers A Prompt Photo - trg3
Sitting on the railing, he pondered the possibilities of flight. He was enveloped in a fog of despair. Just moments before his chest was bursting with joyous ecstasy. The love of his life had accepted his proposal. Her smile was radiant. She spoke of an overflowing love for him.
If there hadn’t been that accident on the bridge?
It had angered her.
Days before she’d been despondent. He thought he would reach her with his proposal.
Frustrated, she’d gotten out of the car.
She jumped.
He wanted to fly.
He wanted to lift her up in his arms.
2015©Isadora DeLaVega

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 100


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What is Depression?
Depression is a real illness that impacts the brain. Anyone suffering from depression will tell you, it’s not imaginary or “all in your head.” Depression is more than just feeling “down.” It is a serious illness caused by changes in brain chemistry. Research tells us that other factors contribute to the onset of depression, including genetics, changes in hormone levels, certain medical conditions, stress, grief or difficult life circumstances. Any of these factors alone or in combination can precipitate changes in brain chemistry that lead to depression’s many symptoms. info from the Univsersity of Michigan Mental Health


For more information about depression:

World Mental Health Day October, 10, 2015 – Dignity Mental Health Foundation
University of Michigan Depression Center – Mental Health


Make Magic Happen

Flash Fiction Sept.2015 - wpid-photo-20150921073220157The funeral was exactly the way my grandmother had wanted.

And, why wouldn’t it be?

She pre-paid and planned for it all before she died.

Always the forward-thinking woman, no one was going to be able to leave any details out.

The rose garden was to be her final resting place.

She’d say, “Where else would I want to be?”

“These roses have helped me create beautiful paintings that will live on in the homes of so many, long after I’m gone”.
Her garden was magical. She could grow just about anything.

I’m sure she’s looking down at us all and saying,“Pick up a paint brush and make magic happen”.
2015©Isadora DeLaVega


Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 113 words

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Sunday Song

Kaila 996 Butterfly.webKaila DeLaVega      2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles,
it takes away today’s peace ….

ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR MUSIC. Armik, Cartas de AmorKaila 560 Butterfly.webKaila DeLaVega       2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega


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